Jesse James: Sort of Trashing Sandra Bullock on American Chopper!

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In this sneak peek of American Chopper, former Monster Garage Jesse James goes head to head with Paul Teutul and Paul Teutul, Jr., to build a new bike.

True to form, he's also got a lot to say about his personal life.

"I became a big shot and married some Hollywood actress and didn't talk to anybody anymore, so I feel bad," James says at the beginning of the episode.

His reference to America’s Sweetheart Sandra Bullock, who he cheated on rampantly, as “some Hollywood actress” is not likely to endear him to viewers.

As for why he came back to reality TV?

"I feel obligated to reconnect with all these people and show 'em that I'm still the same fabricator motorcycle guy. I'm not what I became," says James.

It’s not clear if James is blaming Bullock for “what he became,” but given the reasons for their marriage imploding, it's hard not to read into it somewhat.

After divorcing Bullock, he got engaged to Kat Von D, only to have that fall apart as well after he reportedly cheated on Kat 19 times (according to her).

James goes on to say that his bikes are "built to be punished." It seems that could also apply to any woman crazy enough to enter a relationship with him.

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dont talk shit we ar for real l.b.C F.T.W. Choppers 4 Life Darren Leist
And F.T W we bld bad ass bikes hardcore no pussy themm bikes we or oh school FUCK YOU DARREN BAKERSFIELD.Ca


dont talk shit we ar for real l.b.C F.T.W. Choppers 4 Life Darren Leist
And F.T W.y


dont talk shit we ar for real l.b.C F.T.W. Choppers 4 Life Darren Leist


sooo, good old a**hole JJ is still farting... poor Sandra...




he sort of looks like a gorilla and he sort of has a very homosexual way about him


Aside from all that, I'm tired of the phrase "America's Sweetheart" tacked on to first one and then another actress. The phrase is outdated and silly. It reminds me of yet another silly/stupid phrase - "sexiest man alive" - this poll is taken so often, the previous "sexiest man alive" must have suddenly gotten ugly or else he died.
Get some class and or brains, "America". And think up some new sayings that make sense.


people know what they get when they see jesse. he isnt the loyal family man type. you go to him for wild amazing sex. id do him, and love it, knowing it isnt about love its about having the wildest ride ever. sandra should have known this wasnt the type guy who would do the red carpet, cook home dinners, go to church, etc. i like sandra, but i think she got too caught up in the good wild sex, too.


Jessie the best bike builder I know I worked for him chopers4Life F.T.W


You are all jealously and douchey u are all so concerned about poor Sandra she knew what she was getting into but she wanted a bad boy well there u have it she got what she deserved