Jesse Csincsak Comments on Reality Steve Lawsuit, Likens Mike Fleiss to Osama bin Laden

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Jesse Csincsak, former winner of The Bachelorette, is speaking out about the new lawsuit against Reality Steve, whose Bachelor spoilers have roiled producers for years.

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    I happen to enjoy Jesse's blog, Smackdown and his brutal honesty about the Bachelor franchise. And, if I were to play grammar/typo police with every blog I read, I'd be doing a lot of writing to a lot of bloggers.

    Jesse's also a helluva lot nicer to his readers than other bloggers out there. I've contacted him a couple of times over the years to comment on his blog, and his responses have always been not only gracious as can be, but very appreciative too! Not like that SOB, Reality Steve, who is so nasty it's amazing he has chosen a career (if you can call it that) involving interaction with lots of people. That is one pathetic dude!


    Well what I think would be the greatest is if whoever leaked the ending and the spoilers tells Reality Steve false information and then embarrasses him as a pay back for all the ruined seasons.


    Jesse strikes me as a terribly ungrateful guy with a VERY big chip on his shoulder. I have read his blog for BP2 and all I saw is one angry dude who couldn't take criticism from readers, wasn't objective and constantly bashed his ex Holly (for obvious reasons) and sided with the duo of Kasey and Vienna. His Reality Beatdown video commentaries with other alums namely Dave Good and Wes Hayden was another bashfest. Its amazing that ABC and Mike Fleiss were ok with this so how was his life ruined by them when he clearly enjoys the association with show?


    Lizzie, you're so right. All Jesse does is try to look for ways to stay in the public eye. He is such a dumb shit and continually makes up stories just to get his name out there. How bout the story where he just happened to come across a lost skier, omg that was the funniest one. He just happened to ski where no one goes other than the guy that was lost and he also happened to have something on his head to record it. Oh please. His 15 minutes was over long ago. He should enjoy his wife and baby and just go away. Or perhaps take a course in writing and learn how to spell and use correct grammar. He is a broke washed up previous reality contestant.


    @Lizzie...funny how you seem to read and comment on everything Jesse writes - seems you are jealous of his popularity - guess his blogs get the attention you wish the stuff you write online would get.


    Lizzie is right - can't feel bad for the contestants when they're begging for their 5 minutes of fame and fortune. Especially now when they know how manufactured the whole process is. Hopefully this Jesse guy used some of the funds he acquired to go back and finish high school!


    He sounds pretty stupid, huh? Did he really write 'husane?' Really? This dude has been milking his stint on the show for almost 4 years. How did Fleiss ruin his life? He gave him the opportunity to write moronic/illiterate blogs and get paid whenever someone clicks on his link - or so he says. I'd say Fleiss gave him a life!

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