Jersey Shore Season 5 Trailer: Situation vs. Snooki, Reloaded!

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The official trailer for the fifth season of Jersey Shore has just been released, and we'll let Pauly D sum it up for you with this quote: "Basically, what it all comes down to is... I love Seaside Heights, New Jersey this time of year!"

Yeeeeeah buddy. Thursday, January 5, it is ON:

Some highlights from the MTV preview:

  • Mike, apparently up to his old meddling ways, referring to himself as Hurricane Situation - a storm "headed straight for Snooki Island - as they argue over her boyfriend and she comes at him with a bat.
  • An emotional party to welcome the gang home from Italy.
  • An insane fight that leaves Mike bleeding from his dome.
  • Drunk Snooki urinating outdoors.
  • Vinny Guadagnino's departure

All we have to say is that after a fourth season that gave us some of the best Jersey Shore clips yet, January 5 can't come quickly enough.


Boy today is a great day! Jersey Shore is finally here, I hope this season is a lot more entertaining. I have to say last season ended boring for me. Pauly looks fine as ever and Snooki looks great too! I got to watch tonight's episode, I am watching it no matter what. Even if I have to work late at DISH, I am still going to watch this show. I will be streaming it right to my laptop on my break. I can’t wait to fist pump tonight, oh yeah!


heyy guy wats up


deena, snooki and mike are all crazy, drama-filled, attention seeking drunks. but thats wat makes the show worth watching. lol. drama=ratings.


even thou we all hate mike and we all want him to leave. the show will be good with or without him


I love them all specially snooky and vinny.and of course I love the show.


Mike makes the show losers without him there would be no drama and it would suck!
He's awesome anyways!


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i agree, mike just needs to GO AWAY!!

Kellie m

I wish Mike would leave....and never come back!!!! Hey suck!