James Franco Tears into Breaking Dawn: All About Sex!

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The Twilight Saga is under fire once again.

A day after Star Trek actor George Takei called out the franchise for simply being "really, really bad," James Franco has penned a scathing critique of Breaking Dawn.

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Breaking Dawn Wedding Night!

In a column for The Paris Review, the Oscar nominee takes this film to task for its reliance on nearly-underage sex, writing:

The protagonists finally marry, having waited until the wise old age of eighteen, and since the book and the film dutifully show them being wed, they are then allowed to f-ck each others’ brains out. For a film that claims to be sexually responsible, the Twilight movies are awfully dependent on teenage sex to attract viewers.

The actors prance about like pieces of meat, their disturbingly developed bodies on full display; Taylor Lautner’s rippling teenage chest is just a little better than the child beauty-pageant stars at the end of Little Miss Sunshine.

Ouch! What say you, Twihards? If you're looking for a comeback, remember: there's always Franco's hosting debacle at the 2011 Academy Awards.

UPDATE: Oh, and here's the actor, now 35 years old, trying to pick up a teenager on Instagram in 2014. Because obviously that happened ...


sourgraping much!Didn't Bill Condon deny him of the part in Twilight?I knew there's something wrong with those epileptic eyes of his.


Wow, pretty harsh words from someone who is quite odd himself. With all the movies out there that portray teenage sex so irresposibly I cannot believe he critized Breaking Dawn. Sounds like he is a little jealous of the beautiful cast. Besides, his role in General Hospital- a show watched by lots of teens- is not that of a positive role model for anyone.


James Franco... please... they show more than that on cable tv. If my memory serves me correctly, I believe you wanted to be casted in the movie "Twilight." ...Simply amazing.


Never seen the movies, I don't doubt he's probably right. Sadly though, sexuality is more out there than ever and it's being aimed at the younger generations more than ever. What once people worked so hard to protect, keeping adult material separated from childrens viewing, has slowly diminished. Kids today see so much that they don't understand why adults get upset over it. They don't realize it probably could effect them.

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