Is Kris Humphries Gay?!?

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Based on a new tabloid report, perhaps Kim Kardashian should be the one claiming she was defrauded her her marriage to Kris Humphries.

Why? Because the basketball player is gay, people! Star Magazine makes that clear in its latest issue by quoting an anonymous source who shares this story from the couple's honeymoon:

Kris Humphries Star Magazine Cover

“One night she came back to their hotel room in a trench coat... She lit candles, put on some music and started doing a sexy striptease. But Kris barely looked up from the TV! He was like, ‘Later babe. I’m watching SportsCenter now.’”

Well... was Scott Van Pelt anchoring that edition? Because, come on, that dude is hilarious!

Khloe allegedly asked Kim if her husband was homosexual and Kim supposedly had to think about it after awhile because, this tabloid hilariously states, "there were signs."

A publicist for Humphries scoffs at this suggestion and has simply referred to the chatter as "completely false and ridiculous." But what do you think? Is Kris Humphries gay?


idk you honestly can never tell with hollywood guys but maybe kims trying to deflect the negative attention on to him cuz ever sence this whole thing happend she looks bad and hes getting more attention than ever


Honestly i dont know what to believe anymore. stupid tabloids need to A. quit exaggerating little stuff to get us idiots to read it and b. if she is doing it for attention then ur giving her the attention she is asking for! good job morons. u dummies r "extending" her 15 minutes of fame. the media only reports what they know people will read. u complain about it but yet here u are. freaking hypocrites. stfu


Kris is not gay! Kim wants more headlines and makes more money so she can marry Ray J and make another tape. Then the Kardashians will have more money and extend Kims 15 minutes of fame.


@Reed, dude get laid. Man you are wound way too tight. You butt lov'n white bread racist old fart. Did you misplace your little blue pills again?


Since I got nothing else to do....i think Kris was used by the kardashians to marry kim sale the wedding and make more money (since evryone knws they kardashians are money hungry individuals, specially the kardashians mother)so poor kris he got used to make some news and money now hes getting dumped.


god giv us a brk....all the drama every1 feel they need 2 butt in jus leav all alone and if it works it works if it dont stop with all the name callin the whole bs let em b....


Kris H is not gay. People should get a life and stop making rumors. So childish! People that talks shit about others that are not true are just bored with their life. Im not a huge fan of kris but 100% im sure he's not gay. But i do really want to know what really happen with their marriage?


Coming from a gay man, just because you wont satisfy your partners needs every 5 minutes doesnt mean that makes you gay.


kim is just a spoiled bitch she can never be pleased she just is miserable and like the sayin goes "misery loves company" !


I wonder who started this bit of trash ?? Kim and her whole family are gross. Bruce better be careful, they will accuse him of being a child molester and Scott will become an unfit father...Ugh !

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