Is Kris Humphries Gay?!?

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Based on a new tabloid report, perhaps Kim Kardashian should be the one claiming she was defrauded her her marriage to Kris Humphries.

Why? Because the basketball player is gay, people! Star Magazine makes that clear in its latest issue by quoting an anonymous source who shares this story from the couple's honeymoon:

Kris Humphries Star Magazine Cover

“One night she came back to their hotel room in a trench coat... She lit candles, put on some music and started doing a sexy striptease. But Kris barely looked up from the TV! He was like, ‘Later babe. I’m watching SportsCenter now.’”

Well... was Scott Van Pelt anchoring that edition? Because, come on, that dude is hilarious!

Khloe allegedly asked Kim if her husband was homosexual and Kim supposedly had to think about it after awhile because, this tabloid hilariously states, "there were signs."

A publicist for Humphries scoffs at this suggestion and has simply referred to the chatter as "completely false and ridiculous." But what do you think? Is Kris Humphries gay?


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Dean clark

He is not gay..most likely just got tired, of trying to get by Kim fat ass...only thing bigger then her ass is her ego...Hell she should rent it out as an airport hanger...~~


How desperate could kim be to mary a gay man for the sake of TV rating. Shame on her!


People, its called a tabloid. This is their job. Believe the story or not, but believe this.. they write what they write about because people DO read it and some DO believe it.

Jaan black

dude is far from gay...I'm sure her sloppy, 6 ft wide hole just didn't do it for him...they're really pathetic


I wouldnt want to hit something loose either. why have sex if u cant enjoy it


He's not gay!You guys seriously need to get a life&stop making up stories cus you ain't got nothingg else to do


Kris isn't gay he feared he would catch multiple std's from sexing that tired stretched out whore Kim! Don't blame ya Kris


When i saw "Kris is gay" on the cover of that magazine, i laughed my ass off!!!! I hope he is gay that would be the funniest thing :) jajajajaja


just because he didnt go along with what kim was doing doesnt mean hes automatically gay . think about it , khloe always has to assume things all the time !!!!!

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