Hugh Hefner Resolves to Stay Single

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If he had had his way, Hugh Hefner would have exchanged vows with Crystal Harris in the summer of 2011.

But the Playboy founder says he won't be making that same mistake in the new year, telling People this week that he "dodged a bullet" when Harris dumped him days before their scheduled June wedding.

"I am clearly not meant to be married," the 85-year old said. "Married life isn't for me."

Hugh Hefner on Piers Morgan Tonight

Don't cry for Hef, however. He's far from lonely.

The bachelor refers to his latest girlfriends, Shera Berchard and Anna Berglund, as "special ladies" and told the magazine he'd be "on top of my game" in 2012. It's unclear which of those women he's nicknamed game.


Since when did THG become a platform for hypocritical religious fanatics? I understand wanting to "stand up for what you believe in" but fyi if you approach matters in such a judgmental way while trying to preach about the bible then your true message will not be received by those that are on the "outside"...imho


@sure its shit- no I am not kissing ass and no I am not going to get burnt. Obviously you need to get a life... I am entitled to my opinion like u r 2 yours. Lucky we live in a Free country. No one makes people buy porn either it is for you or its not. Do I care for open No but I can't say if it is for anyone else.


American people are sexual and live for sex and porn. they love cheap woman. Family and children come last for them. Live with it and pray.


@james: im with you. If some one molests a baby..will u keep quiet and kiss their feet? ↲
Judging is a SIN Yes. But Standing up against EVIL is not a sin. We have to use descresion. Thats only possible for people who have wisdom,who dont read and look at dirty stuff. I also feel pornagraphy and mags like Playboy kill the innocence and dignity of people. I also agree God wil not like for us to support these things.


@ladycool: Believe it. Thousands of children and people suffer cos of pornography.Most of rape, perversion and molestation and sex addiction is caused by Porn. Im not gonna keep quiet for evil shit like this. Im gonna stand up for God and good people. And Not low lifes with big mansions.


I can't believe what I am reading! You who judge, will also go to hell. In God's eye there is no small sin or bigger sin! Sin is sin, and judging is a sin. Let us just pray for him like I will pray for you for God's forgiveness! Don't hate pple rather pray for him and the girls that is living in that lifestyle!


@misty: stop sucking the devils may get burnt.


Oh come on! Every woman had a choose in being in his mag. And being with him. They all did and doing it for money and exposure. No one forced them and at least he treats them well. There are many other men and situations that are a lot worse. Really come on, all the women are there using him just as much as he uses them. If you hate him so much why are you taking the time to even read this story and making such commets?


Wow why so much hate? He makes an honest living. Last time I checked he isn't twisting these girls arms or making them take their clothes off nor is he Making them sleep with him. I think he is brilliant and he is a very rich and successful man. Go Heff. If you don't like his magazine then don't bye it your choice just like he makes his own choices and really I don't think he cares one way or another on who likes him. Don't stop get it get it Heff!!!


No need to doom hugh. If he repents then the Lord will forgive, no matter what he had done. " You have cast all my sins behind your back"
Praise the Lord !

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