Howard Stern Responds to PTC Criticism

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Howard Stern has an important message for parents around the world: he has no intention of turning your children into sex fiends.

The new America's Got Talent judge issued this missive during an appearance on Piers Morgan Tonight, in response to criticism leveled at NBC for hiring the lesbian-loving radio host.

Stern, Howard

The PTC thinks "I'm some sort of weird pervert who's going to convert America into some kind of zombie sex fiends," he told the man he's replacing, adding:

"I can assure you and the rest of America what I'm looking at here is to be a very good judge. To sit there, I take it seriously, you know I watched the show."

Stern is a father who is actually quite protective of children. He even questions those who place theirs on the
America's Got Talent stage.

"I raised three daughters and I don't think that that would be appropriate. But there are parents out there who think it's a good idea. And you got to be damn sure that this is a wise decision before you do it, because not only are you putting a kid out there, to be judged, but - you know, if a kid really does have talent, you do need time to nurture that talent, develop that talent."

Do you think Stern will make a good judge?


Sorry, Daniel--I hated him and avoided him. He appeals to the lowest common denominator. He shouldn't be on publicly-owned television stations. And your "rampant stupidity" comment? Sounds just like Stern --can't speak without insulting or mocking other people.


Agree with Daniel. This is gonna be goooood!


Such rampant stupidity being tossed around. Howard is the SMARTEST entertainer around. The guy knows what it takes to make the top of the mountain your home, more so than most other celebs out there. You'll watch though because you hate him, just like when on regular radio people who hated him tuned in the longest.


Stern has tried to sound sincere before when it suited his purposes but always descended into filth later. Of all the people AGT and NBC could pick from, why give another chance to this guy? The only answer is to appeal to the lowest of their viewers.


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