Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt to Relationship Rehab: Pass!

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Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt turning down a reality show?

What is the world coming to. Relationship Rehab (VH1's new Celebrity Rehab spinoff) producers recently approached Speidi to work out their issues on the show, and the gruesome twosome flat-out rejected their offer for a simple reason:

They're doing well and weren't willing to pretend otherwise.

We know, it really doesn't compute.

Spencer Pratt is Still Alive
Heidi Montag is Still Alive

Photos and Spencer and Heidi from this year. They're still around!

The couple is said to have been initially intrigued by the show, thinking Relationship Rehab was actually about working out together, a la Biggest Loser.

They had no idea it was for couples with real issues, and while they certainly have had some - they're broke now, for one - things are good nowadays.

So they passed, which is great. For them, but mostly for us.

[Photos: Pacific Coast News]


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You are a great person! You just made me so glad that not every guy wants a Heidi Montag!!And don't worry about peploe thinking your gay. You like what you like, and thats the end of it.


Iyapa niya kiujweli upande wangu mimi nimeipenda.

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