Girl Receives Ron Paul Book For Christmas, Cries

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Perhaps taking a cue from Jimmy Kimmel's hilarious Christmas challenge of filming loved opening the worst gift ever, this girl's parents got her ... a Ron Paul book.

Paul, the Texas Congressman and presidential candidate, inspires passion like no other political figure. Unfortunately for his chances, it's not always positive.

Watch her open the magical gift and express her gratitude:

[We're sorry, this video has been removed.]

Safe to say those aren't tears of joy, but rather disgust over Paul's libertarian viewpoints ... particularly as they pertain to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

It's also safe to say she won't be pulling the lever for Dr. Paul in 2012, but plenty of peeps will for the same reasons. Enough to win? Only time will tell.

One thing is for sure: Love him or hate him, Paul gets a reaction!


Reminds me of what happens when you tell a 5 year old Santa Claus isn't real.


Ok lets all be adults about this. The girl is crying because it is a boring political book from her viewpoint. Not because it is Ron Paul.


She can't handle the truth.


Ron's extremism and hate speech is a bit much to deal with on Paulianity's most extreme day of joy and delight over the Norse celebrations of Yule honoring Sol invictus, the unconquered Sun god.


Sorry, Israel isn't sugar and spice. South Africa changed. Israel needs to as well.


Jewish only roads? Jewish only settlements? Couldn't be an apartheid state (though many Jewish Israelis claim it is). The truth isn't always pretty.


I watched the video. This girl is clearly pretty ustable.

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