George Takei Jokes About The Twilight Saga: It's SO Bad!

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Will George Takei live long enough to prosper after making the following comments public?


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    Buffy and Angel still rules!!!


    thwilight sucks like that backalley prostitute!


    What in the world is the point of attacking others? To deflect from the original tension and create a whole new 'war'? Seriously, people! You would think he is old enough to know better...


    All I have to say is: Lestat FTW.


    OMG! Star Wars was so much better than Sar Trek and I love the Twilight Saga and definitely wouldn't even put it in the Sci Fi Catagory.. It doesn't have anything to do with Sci Fi! " I am an avid Twilight fan and cannot Nd will not EVER change my mind!!!!!!!!"


    OMG I liked Star Trek ok, I loved the first Star Wars Trilogy, I also love The Twlight Saga. To each there own. I think they were lessons in the Twlight Saga, but you had to read them also to get the full meaning. Life would be boring if everyone liked the same thing. But all this hate that is being thrown around about Twilight and the actors in them is stupid. They are just as good if not better than a lot of actors out there. and for the one that said lets hate Twlight he was not even an actor that I even remembered his name. Never seen him in anything else. Twlight Saga is almost over, then all you haters of it can find another movie to bitch about and hate.


    It is all for entertainment and each have, in their own way, provided that for the fans. Some people like comedy, others drama, action; westerns used to be big, sci fic is in and and so is fantasy. Some like romance. That is why there are so many genres to try and appeal to all.


    well i see how all of you are such haters lol but who is he to say what i should like in a movie...I like all three and it is a matter of opinion on what we all like so as much as some of you hate Twilight i love it. In my opinion if you just see a bunch of teens pale skinned and angry all the time then you dont see the actual message behind it but that is again MY opinion. To each their own. I also like the other two series so do us all a favor George Takei keep your opinions to yourself, not important at all, you are not any different than any of us with our opinions.


    I agree with George. Star Trek & Star Wars. Great stuff & stories.


    Thank you so much for speaking out Mr.Takei. You have my vote.

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