Father-Daughter Wedding Dance Wows Attendees

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The first minute of this wedding footage is very sweet, but pretty much boilerplate and entirely what you'd expect ... until then the music suddenly changes.

You've gotta hand it to the beautiful bride and her father for choreographing this dance medley, as well as for some of their song selections. Funny stuff.

Watch and roar along with the crowd below:

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This is ageless, timeless, and simply beautiful. I can't get enough. Real Dads (created in the flesh or heart) do exist, and little girls really are princesses! God bless both of you.


WOW this video is like 2 months old and OLD NEWS


U too were the best father and daughter team ever. The bride looks beautiful and happy and dad u look so proud. Who can top that...I am speachless!!! Dad I just can't get enough of u. Would u dance with me if I get married?


Dad out danced daughter by far. What a sweet moment. I've seen more elaborate wedding dance videos but this one is very sweet.


That was THE most terrific dance at a wedding I have ever seen!!! Great job!!!!


Dad had his stuff together!


so sweet.. what a great dad :))


LOVED IT! My 'little girl' is getting married in August - I am sure there will be none of this!




This is great, love it!