Farrah Abraham vs. The Kardashians: IT IS ON!

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Thanks a lot, Farrah Abraham. You've forced us to take the side of the Kardashians.

Earlier today, the former Teen Mom star randomly Tweeted her reaction to Kourtney Kardashian's second pregnancy, writing: Im shocked Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant again, Did she not learn anything from TEEN MOM? Maybe its a fake pregnancy, like kims wedding SAD.

Farrah Abraham Ditches Daughter
Kourtney Kardashian Pregnant Cover

Kourtney, in response, pointed out one of the major differences between her situation and that of Farrah and her MTV co-stars, Tweeting "I'm 32 years old! I may look young, honey, but don't get it twisted."

Kardashian, of course, is also a multi-millionaire with a large support system... and that's before you consider E! producers!

Scott Disick also jumped in to this Tweet-off, referring to Abraham as "some s-it stain" and echoing his girlfriend's stance: "We're not teenagers, ya f-cking moron."

But Farrah was not to be denied! She concluded her rant with: "Guess what! Age and money honestly do not change a person's poor choice. Quit making excuses."

It's pretty difficult, but try to choose a side in this asinine feud:

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Who gives a shit what some teenage slut thinks? And the kardashians are a perfect example of how money does NOT buy class. Someone make them ALL GO AWAY, PLEASE!!!


All of you guys are morons yourselves, I totally agree with farrah. Just because Kourtney and Scott have money and are older does not mean that they are more mature and wiser.! Scott is a dickhead and i would hate to have him as a father and Farrah did what she had to do with her daughters best intrest at heart. Kourtney needs to go sit in a corner somewhere.


If Kourtney wants to have babies.... let her do it. Shes financially sound and has a good strong family to help her raise a child whether Scott is in their lives or not. Scott is an idiot we all agree KOURTNEY GET RID OF THE SCUM BAG AND HAVE CUTIER BABIES WITH SOMEONE ELSE! Farrah you still have A LOT of life you need to live and babies are your age isn't the smartest or easiest choice, but be a good mother to your child and you'll someday see the rewards of being a mother. When it comes down to it ..... no ones opinion really matters but your own. Best thing to do is to stay out of the light and away from the drama. Best luck


Why would it matter if kourtney is having another baby with Scott. You don't need to be married just to have kids. You people act as if theres a law that says WE MUST BE MARRIED TO HAVE KIDS!!! There's no law, so people STFU.... Farrah is just a jealous person who raised her child by her self with no man to help her.. She was a very selfish teen who didn't even tell the baby daddy when she knew she was prego..with him RIP, Farrah giving up her child, because she only thinks of herself. She went far on raising her child and suddenly giving her up, shows what kind of mother she is...at least kourtney never gave up on mason...whats so wrong of having bother baby..all female has the rights to chose rather they want to be a single mother or not...


I think Farrah is just jealous since she has no spotlight! Kourtney is a great mom and no oe said it was wrong to be pregnant twice! Farrah get over yourself and listen to Kourtney, Don't get it twisted you moron!


Kourtney has a lot of support, money, and love from herself alone to raise that baby just fine...why don't you shut up Farrah and worry about raising yours and less about yourself moran I really can't stand you


I think what farrah is saying is hey I had a kid younge and by my self because the one support she would of had died...but yet kourtney has scott refuses to marry him but still wants to pop out more babys with him kinda like what most teen moms do when they dont marry the babys daddy but keep popping out kids because they think there soo cute....i think there come backs towards farrah especailly scotts moron comment was pretty dumb if any ones a moron he is your with some one who doesnt think she can see her self spending the rest of her life with you...what kind of lesson are you setting for your children...farrahs a mom who is doing every thing on her own and if kourtney and scott dont grow up and get married eventually kourtney will be a single mom and scott will end up with some other woman and she will have some other woman raising her kid..


Im sorry Ms. Kardashian needs to stop being someone's babies mama. Her and Scott dont even sleep in the same damn room. Im not sure Ms.Teen mom cant say much but I think ppl are not seeing what she is trying to say. Stop having babies with men that do you wrong! They cut that show up to show all the bad the men do so the women come out on top. Im just saying she didnt even want to marry this man, she says he drinks to much,he calls her out her name. He walks out when he gets mad or says he is moving back to LA. Would u want another baby by this man... If he this bad..... something is wrong here


Abraham's tweet doesn't even make any sense..Teen Mom has yet to teach any of those poor souls the definition of maturity.


Kourtney needs to understand that raising a child is not just about money, its also about the love that child is going to grow up with, what kind of family he or she will be surrounded with. Does she really want one of her children one day and ask him/herself "wow mom was a real whore", what kind of example are Kourtney and her sisters for any child? I mean come on her and Scott don't even sleep in the same rooms. I just feel bad for that baby that has no fault in what his or her parents do, and how they be acting. Just saying!!

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