Farrah Abraham vs. The Kardashians: IT IS ON!

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Thanks a lot, Farrah Abraham. You've forced us to take the side of the Kardashians.

Earlier today, the former Teen Mom star randomly Tweeted her reaction to Kourtney Kardashian's second pregnancy, writing: Im shocked Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant again, Did she not learn anything from TEEN MOM? Maybe its a fake pregnancy, like kims wedding SAD.

Farrah Abraham Ditches Daughter
Kourtney Kardashian Pregnant Cover

Kourtney, in response, pointed out one of the major differences between her situation and that of Farrah and her MTV co-stars, Tweeting "I'm 32 years old! I may look young, honey, but don't get it twisted."

Kardashian, of course, is also a multi-millionaire with a large support system... and that's before you consider E! producers!

Scott Disick also jumped in to this Tweet-off, referring to Abraham as "some s-it stain" and echoing his girlfriend's stance: "We're not teenagers, ya f-cking moron."

But Farrah was not to be denied! She concluded her rant with: "Guess what! Age and money honestly do not change a person's poor choice. Quit making excuses."

It's pretty difficult, but try to choose a side in this asinine feud:

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if it wasnt farrah saying her opinion its some one else people are entitled to thrte opinion and hers wasnt.a bad one she feels kourtney needs to think about her relationship in the.long run with scott so her kids coukd have a better life ..thats what she means by teen mom u have alot of dads that walk out on there kids mom and not just with teens but alot older adults....farrah yeah might be a teen mom but she has been a mom alot longer than kourtney and knows what its like to raise a kid with no dad in the picture.....


Farrah needs to shut the fuck up!!! While I as a fan don't agree with Kourtney K's decision to stay with and have another baby with Scott, I would never post MY opinions about her personal life on the internet. Farrah has made an impression that leaves a bad taste in most people's mouths. This little girl needs to get her life and relationships on track before she goes around talking shit about what grown-ass people are doing in their lives. If you're not a fan, Farrah, keep your uneducated mouth shut!!!


Ok, for real both these mom's need to be themselves and just go on with their lives. Farrah, was young, now is it really wrong to give the baby up if she think she can't be the best mom for her and allow a family who can't have kids take over? Actually you do not need to get married before kids, if you believe in God and what he wants in live why would you not want to try to end in the right way by being married. Besides why is everyone now days set with having a family without marriage? And everyone I know who is like that is on and off with their relationship, because people who don't get married are not taking the relationship seriously enough to make that step or believe themself that the relationship won't work out, but too scared to be alone. Sorry but it is the truth, have tons of those in my family and all i see is huge fights and break up once every six months. So both need to just grow up and do what is best for their families.


Really? Scott called her a shit stain? Yea like he has any fucking right to be talking. Look at all the times when he's made a complete ASS of himself in public because he's an alcoholic and gets arrested. As for Farrah? She did what she needed to do. Obviously, she knew that she wasn't going to be able to provide for Sophia the way that she wanted to so she gave her up. But the Kardashians ESPECIALLY KOURTNEY AND SCOTT need to grow the fuck up and either go to counseling or just cancel their TV show altogether seriously no one cares about their stupid ass drama and that's all they are the entire fucking family. I wish for once that MTV and VH1 would put a reality show on that is actually entertaining. Not some spoiled ass grown bitches that keep whining about their personal lives. DON'T FUCKING PUT IT IN THE TABLOIDS BITCH AND IT WON'T MAKE HEADLINE NEWS AROUND THE FUCKING WORLD DIP SHIT!


To Farrah Abraham she is a grown up Kourtney Kardashian you just a teenager duh i have a 15 year old son,8 year old girl,now having nother on christmas this year i am a grown up i am 32 live on my own got my own place and a car so leave kardashian alone live your life dnt worried about what she did wrong love ya


honestttlllllyyyy Kourtney Kardashian needs to sdfu. She keeps switching from hating Scott to having freaking babies with him. It's not just about her with her family, she needs to think about the kids she keeps popping with him and what kind of family they will have. All the Kardishians need to go away but Klhoe.And it's not a law to be married to have kids but it is what is best for you family. Having parents who aren't together isn't exactly a child's dream of a perfect family of switching from house to house. I dont even know why she's famous.
Farrah on the other hand needs to mind her own business. Let the Kourtney do what she wants. It isn't her decision. Giving up Sophia though is making her look like a selfish B**** because I adored that baby.
They all just need to stop being selfish jack assests and consider they're childrens needs.


Omg. Farrah u are a spoiled dumb bitch...I feel sorry for ur daughter...u need to worry about ur self and u situation before talking shit "shit stain" I think Scott Disick has come along way and is a great father. And Korney is a hundred times the mom that Farrah will ever be. YES age and money DO matter. Any responsible parent would know that... marriage is a wonderful thing but only when u are ready and Farrah is NOBODY to pass judgement on anyone. Good luck kortney and Scott. You make beautiful babies! Rather u are married or not I think u should make a million little Masons. I would love to see what a little girl would look like!!!


now who are these idiots? never heard of them? these are the kind of news that have no relevance, no substance,the writer or columnist of this news should be fired!!!! yawwwwwnnnnnn!


Kourtney needs her head checked she a moron to have another baby with that douchbag..... I am team Farrah but they both have made poor choices .....Kourntney hasn't learn from hers... They both need to keep their mouths and legs close...


im team farrah all the way these kardashians are really getting to me with all there desperate need of attention and greedy for money like come on the world is so tired of all there freaking drama and its obvious they dont know what to do with there lives with all the money they screwing people over like kims wedding super fake she only did its for publicity and to get all those free designer wedding dresses and all the other stuff these kardashians need to be stopped like why are they actually famous just because who there father was or kims sex tape really think about they all a bunch of phonys.

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