Farrah Abraham to Scott Disick: Racist!

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Note to Farrah Abraham: stick to being a bad teen mom. Because you make a really awful Twitter combatant.

Over the weekend, this MTV reality star randomly got into a war of online words with Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick, taking the couple to task for having a second baby out of wedlock and comparing their situation to that of various single parents on Teen Mom... nevermind Kourtney and Scott's age, stable relationship and financial well-being.

Now, in light of the backlash against her critique - seriously, Farrah, it takes A LOT to force people on to the side of the Kardashians. Well done! - Abraham has Tweeted a defense of her viewpoint, writing:

4 all who misunderstood: regards to kourtney K.~ I hope she takes her relationship w/her boyfriend more serious 4 their children-takecare.

Okay. Whatever. Case closed, right? Not quite.

Farrah then learned of Disick's response to her initial set of insults, which included a reference to her as "some s-it stain," and non-sensically added:

caught wind of these dramatic articles, w/ loser scott disick or some boyfriend of kourtneys , is Sh-t Stain< racist 4 black? Great dad!NOT.

We can at least say this: Abraham herself is an expert on NOT being a great parent: she left her child with her parents in Iowa in order to attend school in Florida; and she dumped her baby daddy prior to his death, only to then act on Teen Mom as if he'd been tragically taken from her.

Moreover, if you hear the word "s-it" and you think of African-Americans... you're the one who is racist, Farrah.

We hate to do it, readers, but we're obligated to ask: Which side are you on in this feud?


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Farrah needs to mind her own damn business !


I'm all for having children but if you're on your second child and still talk like this, please stop having kids and go back to school::: "Farrah needs to get a life n worry bout daughter. I'm pregnant wit my 2nd child and me n my baby daddy aren't married. It works 4 is rite now n if it works 4 k and D then go ahead yall n do yall thing. Farrah only tryin 2 start drama cuz yall got something going 4 yall self."


I dislike both shows but since when does age, financial well being have anything to do with being good parents.


Farrah needs to get a life n worry bout daughter. I'm pregnant wit my 2nd child and me n my baby daddy aren't married. It works 4 is rite now n if it works 4 k and D then go ahead yall n do yall thing. Farrah only tryin 2 start drama cuz yall got something going 4 yall self.


Scott does want k he only wants her va jay jay. They can't teach their kids morals because they don't know what morals are I pity the kids


The teen mom is just that a teen. And she is aware of her mistake and for k she should know better as she said she is 32. She is worse than the teen mom


I am irritated with the whole clan. I don't care about the Kardashians and I am still trying to figure out why they have so many damn shows!!! Keeping up isn't enough? Farrah...well idk why she is even saying anything at all! Racist 4 black? Really? Lol . I'm with pak31 with that definition of sh>t stain...Farrah took that to a whole new level! I'm african american and I didn't see that as racist at all! Smh at this stupid twitter war and the fact that it made news! This is not evenn worth gossiping about! Get at me when Kim K becomes pregnant! Lol


Farrah should be more worried about whens her next child is due and how old she would be than instead of buzzing the Kardashians with her fucked up nonsense!!!


Don't know who's dumber--K and D, the kid Abraham or some of these comments. I recently stumbled across their reality show having successfully avoided it in the past. Since Kardashian is dumb enough to procreate AGAIN with Disick, then she deserves what she gets. He is crap--flat crap. All of these people should fade into the woodwork as none of them have any integrity.


I hate them all!! The kardashians & the teen moms on the show!!! They are both despicable & why do you think the kardashians are famous?? Their all were profiting from her vay jay jay!!