Farrah Abraham to Scott Disick: Racist!

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Note to Farrah Abraham: stick to being a bad teen mom. Because you make a really awful Twitter combatant.

Over the weekend, this MTV reality star randomly got into a war of online words with Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick, taking the couple to task for having a second baby out of wedlock and comparing their situation to that of various single parents on Teen Mom... nevermind Kourtney and Scott's age, stable relationship and financial well-being.

Now, in light of the backlash against her critique - seriously, Farrah, it takes A LOT to force people on to the side of the Kardashians. Well done! - Abraham has Tweeted a defense of her viewpoint, writing:

4 all who misunderstood: regards to kourtney K.~ I hope she takes her relationship w/her boyfriend more serious 4 their children-takecare.

Okay. Whatever. Case closed, right? Not quite.

Farrah then learned of Disick's response to her initial set of insults, which included a reference to her as "some s-it stain," and non-sensically added:

caught wind of these dramatic articles, w/ loser scott disick or some boyfriend of kourtneys , is Sh-t Stain< racist 4 black? Great dad!NOT.

We can at least say this: Abraham herself is an expert on NOT being a great parent: she left her child with her parents in Iowa in order to attend school in Florida; and she dumped her baby daddy prior to his death, only to then act on Teen Mom as if he'd been tragically taken from her.

Moreover, if you hear the word "s-it" and you think of African-Americans... you're the one who is racist, Farrah.

We hate to do it, readers, but we're obligated to ask: Which side are you on in this feud?


omg farrah should honestly just b quiet n mind her own business...first she shouldnt b commenting stuff about being bad parents cuz shes a bad parent too..when teen mom started she was super bad...i dont know about da kardashians oh however u spell it but dey r annoying n watever dey have money n all da so just shut up n dont say stuff to farrah shes too young n u r too old so act with maturity den..farrah can act better than u n shes younger lmfao


Farrah is a loser!


The kardashians are sooo annoying!Farrah has the right to say whatever she wants!Scott is a douchbag and he deserved being mocked and the rest of the family is attention seekers!Mscheew!

John e

Personnally i think both familys are nuts,and all of us are even nuttier just for reading this bullsh-t trash. A lot of nosy enquireing minds want to know i guess. YASSA BOSS YASSA.




I think thatruth5 is actually Kim K posting here! LOL!!


@FLReader, I agree. The age of your parents isn't as important as their maturity level. If Kourtney felt the need to reply ok. It went to extremes having Scott and Khloe jump in to defend 32 year old Kourtney's honor. Khloe took it a step further saying Farrah was trying to extend her 15 minutes of fame. Really??? Exactly what are all the Kardashians, Jenners and Disicks trying to do with the lime light? All of you cancel your reality shows and be real parents to your child. How are these children going to feel when they watch the reality shows the parent's are the stars of when they are teens? Embarrassed.


I might have defended Kourtney and Scott...but after seeing him on the H8R show, I've realized hes just a big fat douchebag that deserves whatever bashing he gets. Im sure Kourtney knows what a dick he is aswell...they are meant for each other. Poor kids.


the KKlan is like any other fam, but wit a lil more $$,& they're n the public eye. They work, they have their family moments, & again, can i say they ALL work. I dnt get y ppl hate them so much. Their not taking UR $$, or living in UR house, or talking about U!!! So y r ppl so concerned about a fam that minds their biz. I mean, despite the fact that Kim married 2 fast, we all make sum kind of mistake. Where im frm, ppl get divorced EVERYDAY. So fuck'n what she married a disrespectful out of a job, douchebag. I mean, its HER life. & btw, ppl, stop tryna boycott her shows,its NOT gonna work b/c the more u talk about her, the richer she gets... DUMBASSES, HAHAHAHAHA

Amanda shroads

Racist for black? Farrah isn't even black anyway is she? WTH is she talking about?

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