Farrah Abraham to Scott Disick: Racist!

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Note to Farrah Abraham: stick to being a bad teen mom. Because you make a really awful Twitter combatant.

Over the weekend, this MTV reality star randomly got into a war of online words with Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick, taking the couple to task for having a second baby out of wedlock and comparing their situation to that of various single parents on Teen Mom... nevermind Kourtney and Scott's age, stable relationship and financial well-being.

Now, in light of the backlash against her critique - seriously, Farrah, it takes A LOT to force people on to the side of the Kardashians. Well done! - Abraham has Tweeted a defense of her viewpoint, writing:

4 all who misunderstood: regards to kourtney K.~ I hope she takes her relationship w/her boyfriend more serious 4 their children-takecare.

Okay. Whatever. Case closed, right? Not quite.

Farrah then learned of Disick's response to her initial set of insults, which included a reference to her as "some s-it stain," and non-sensically added:

caught wind of these dramatic articles, w/ loser scott disick or some boyfriend of kourtneys , is Sh-t Stain< racist 4 black? Great dad!NOT.

We can at least say this: Abraham herself is an expert on NOT being a great parent: she left her child with her parents in Iowa in order to attend school in Florida; and she dumped her baby daddy prior to his death, only to then act on Teen Mom as if he'd been tragically taken from her.

Moreover, if you hear the word "s-it" and you think of African-Americans... you're the one who is racist, Farrah.

We hate to do it, readers, but we're obligated to ask: Which side are you on in this feud?


Hey THG we need a thumbs up/down and respond button in here; seriously what age do you live in. a gossip site without dialog

Jaan black

wtf was racis? this teen wh*re is a sh*t stain on the underpants of America...and Scott is too by the way, m********** needs to invest in some longer pants and some socks


Mason looks like a little girl...Scott is DEFINITELY a douche bag, and who gives a shit if they're having another baby? People have babies every day in the world, yet, aren't on the cover of a magazine...And, isn't Kim only famous for her "sex tape," getting pissed on? Being a celebrity or famous USED to mean having TALENT, NOT living their lives on a daily basis!


Lol at the irrelevant comments. "None of the Kardashians have ever been in a movie or song." If you did your research, you'd know that Kim was in "Disaster Movie" & she has a song out, I forgot what it's called because it's horrible. "Is Scott ever gonna ask Kourtney to marry him or is he just gonna keep producing kids?" Uhmm, if you did your research here too, you'd know that Kourtney is the one who does not want marriage. ANYWAYS, my opinion on this, is that Farrah needs to shut up, she has no idea what she's talking about. Just because she showed how bad of a parent she is on an MTV show doesn't make her have the right to go off about something she doesn't know about. I have to take the Kardashians' side on this, even though I usually just roll my eyes at any articles about them. Although I am a fan of their show, they need to get out of the media with ridiculous, annoying stories such as this one.


You know they are right, it takes a lot to get me on the side of the Kardashian's. A heck of a lot. But Farrah has done it. I feel this twinge of weirdness to vote for the Kardashian side on anything but Farrah is just so completely in the wrong AND knows nothing about being a good parent or taking the relationship with her Baby's Father seriously. On top of it all, the whole racist thing is just beyond stupid. That she equates that word with blacks shows who is really racist here. I think she should just shut up now, it feels... odd to side with Kardashians.


First off why the heck does Farrah assosciate shit stain with black people? I believe THG has it right.....whos the racist one here. And I am still on the Kardashian side. If anyone who is really a Teen Mom fan can side with that big nosed spoiled brats side is crazy. Farrah may be growing up and learns but when she started and so one shes proved shes disrespectful, spoiled rottten, and bitchy! She talks like shit to the people who raise her and acts like they are so horrible then dumps her beautiful daughter off on them so she can attend school in Flordia.....ummm most women with kids go to school still raise their children and work hard busting their ass! Thats what a mother does! Farrah has no room to talk or judge people about their choices in life especially those who chose to plan their life out instead of being the loose one on the cheerleading squad getting knocked up in high school


Leave the kid alone. My God, you KKK's are disgusting. Seriously, who cares what you think, or do? No One..it is all scripted anyway. And you should return to Lebanon. You are not real Americans anyway. You are the racist pigs, exception Khloe. She is the only "real" person on your stupid show.


I think fighting online, especially on twitter, is pathetic and lame. the show teen mom is stupid- and so is the show the kardashians. plus scott acts like a fag with a stick up his butt soon enough we will find koutrney talking to US magazine or something, explaining how she found him in bed with another man. I dont even know who Farrah is because i don't bother wasting my time watching teen mom. I know alot of single mothers who bust their butt to take care of their children and don't whine about it.


Ok seriously? Why in the h^ll does every teen mom think they're so hot sh*t and famous for, just because they've been on a stupid MTV show? Farah is a horrible parent, despite the death of her baby's father.. and the only reason why any of the Kardashians are famous is because of their mom. They never have been in a movie,or performed a song.. so tell me again why their in the media's eye, and so famous? Because Kim's 72 day marriage, or Kourtney's second pregnancy? What's the big deal? I cannot stand Farah or the Kardashians.. they both need to go away.


For the Kardashians.... why is it so damn important that they tell us EVERYTHING that they are doing in life? Why should we care if she is pregnant AGAIN? I don't know if I would have tweeted something like that but it does raise the question... Does that Douchebag Scott ever plan to marry Kourtney or does he plan to just keep producing children with her? I mean really??? Who was that jerk off before Kourtney and who will he be after her? I think I can answer that... NOBODY!!!!!!If anyone is looking to extend his 15 minutes of fame... HE IS. In regards to Farrah... yes she had a child very early and yes she has made mistakes along the way, but through watching that show you see her trying to correct those mistakes. I happen to be a fan of Teen Mom... that is the reality for teenage mothers. I have a 15 year old son whom I MAKE watch that show so he can see it's not easy. That is REALITY T.V. Reality is not watching watching the rich get richer.

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