Emily Maynard: Dating Ex of Vienna Girardi?!

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Gotta love The Bachelorette rumor mill.

With Emily Maynard and Jeremy Shockey apparently no longer together, and Vienna Girardi and Kasey Kahl splitting up, Emily and Kasey must be an item, right?

Of course, if you believe In Touch Weekly ... which proclaims Emily is now dating Vienna's ex. They could mean a different ex, too, of course. Girlfriend gets around.

Whoever it is she's dating ... she's not. No way she would want Kasey or anyone tied to Vienna guarding and protecting anything. Emily also denied it on Twitter.

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Just listen to the North Carolina cutie herself:

Emily Maynard: “Seriously? You'd think that with all the guys the mags say I'm dating I'd have some help with my Xmas lights! #stillnottrue #stillsingle.”

Now that's hard to believe. Emily can't get help with her Christmas lights? Do you realize how hot this woman is? What is wrong with the men of Charlotte?

We've been hearing rumblings that, following her breakup with Brad Womack, her quest for love may continue as the star of The Bachelorette next year.

Repeat, that's just a rumor. Unlike In Touch, we'll call celebrity gossip what it is and not label it as fact. But we hear they are trying to woo Emily again.

The sticking point? Her daughter Ricki. As a single mom, we don't see it happening, but will they come up with a better catch among Ben Flajnik castoffs?

Should Emily be the next Bachelorette?


Kasey also denied it in his Twitter account. He's wondering who came up with this crap story. And the upteemph time Emily herself has no interest in being the Bachelorette. She is said to be starting a business opening a kids store in Charlotte and spending time with her daughter. Let her find love in her OWN terms and not on TV.


Yes, Emily is a great choice. Note to DWTS Big wigs: Please run Tom and Brooks introductions and comments at the bottom of the screen. With all the applause and screaming they cannot be heard. That leaves viewers totally confused. Thanks, Helen Dutch, Middletown, Ohio.


Wow. That's NOT the person In Touch was referring to when they said Emily is dating "Vienna's Ex". The person they mentioned in the article has also dated several other reality tv women, not just Vienna. Next time, perhaps you should actually read the article before posting this crap...

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