Duggar Family Tweets Pic of Miscarried Fetus

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The Duggar Family, grieving from the loss of what would've been their 20th child, not only named the miscarried baby (a girl, Jubilee), they held a memorial service for her and took photos of the corpse, one of which made it onto Twitter.

It's unclear which family member or friend posted it online, but the Duggars weren't trying to keep it private. An artistic picture of the fetus, due in April, was distributed it at the memorial Wednesday. We have not posted it here for obvious reasons.

The Duggar Family Photo

Michelle Duggar, who has given birth 19 times, and suffered severe medical issues with her youngest, Josie-Brooklyn (now 2), announced the miscarriage last week.

Because it was during the second trimester, the little girl's body was partially formed, and therefore had to be delivered, allowing the family to take photos afterward.

Alongside the image of the fetus, the Duggar family wrote the following message: "There is no foot too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world."

Say what you will about them, the family marches to the beat of their own drum.

What do you think of the Duggars' way of honoring their unborn baby?


You know what alot of people are not going to like that they put these pictures out on the enternet BECAUSE they prove that the was a REAL HUMAN BABY they lost. I agree with the Duggars 100% about leaveing the number of children up to God.


I would rather see this beautiful sentiment and testimony of life than Lindsay Lohan's body parts all over the place. These pictures were tastefully done and brought tears to my eyes for the life that has been lost. My prayers go out to the this family. Right or wrong, it's their lives.... leave them be to live it.


1st thing is im so so sorry about your loss and im praying for your family! 2nd im a mother of 4 ages are9,8,4 and 3 i was blessed to have them 11years ago i lost a baby boy when i was 8 mons along. After that i was told that i would never have a baby well god said thats not my plan lol yes i used birth contol with all of them and still got preg. So its not your plan its god's!!!! Then after my last one was born i had to have a full historatmy at the of 27 cause i had stage 3 cancer!!!! So if they want to have more babys let them its not your life! They left that up 2 god!!!!!


I think its funny how the society we live in today everyone thinks its so wrong that the family has 19 kids...that was the norm way back. My grandmother came from a family where she had 13 siblings and yeah they took care of each other...that's what family does!! So if you ask me let them grieve over the loss of their baby and if they try for another then good for them they wouldn't be the first couple to try and have another baby after one loss...they are just easier for everyone to judge because of the media


they need to stop having kids... and people wonder why schools are overcrowded, people wonder why america is so crappy... close ur damn legs woman!


@Carter....they have stated several times that Michelle did give birth to Jubilee. It wasn't a miscarriage, she was in her second trimester, went to the doctor, and no heartbeat was found. That's how they were ablt to take the photos.


To all that have stated that 'God is punishing' Giselle because of being hateful, etc. If that were the case, millions of women would be unable to have children. ie: crack heads, meth heads, murderers, drug dealers, etc. Until you have walked a mile in the shoes of a woman who is unable to have children, please don't attack her. I don't agree with the things that she said either, but I do understand and know the pain and emptiness that she feels. That doesn't excuse her behavior or words, but it does explain the lashing out. When I went in for extreme texting to try to get pregnant, there was a woman there that had just had an abortion!! There I was trying desperately to have a child and the woman next to me was out killing them!! I wanted to bash her head in!! But I didn't. Instead I sat there silently crying. Nothing is ever black and white...there are always grey areas there somewhere. So please cut her some slack and try to understand and pray for her as well. Thanks.


As a recent woman who went through a miscarriage, I am having a hard time understanding how these photos were done. If you know anything about the D&C procedure then you know this isn't possible. Also, a miscarriage is not the same as a stillborn child, so this needs some clarification. I have true heartfelt sadness for their loss of a child, but, at the same time have very much hurt that they did this so public. Share your sadness in the privacy of your home with your family. It is a blessing to have each and every child that your body allows. This one that is lost is just as important yes as all the others. No disrespect for them,but, this truly hurt me as a mother who lost her first child.


Giselle: And no offense, but your disgusting and rude comment is most likely the reason why God will not give you a child! :/


sorry for their loss,they said that they would let god decide on the number of children that they have well god has spoken and said that you don't need any more or god would not have taken her back.I am not being mean it is just the truth.

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