Duggar Family Tweets Pic of Miscarried Fetus

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The Duggar Family, grieving from the loss of what would've been their 20th child, not only named the miscarried baby (a girl, Jubilee), they held a memorial service for her and took photos of the corpse, one of which made it onto Twitter.

It's unclear which family member or friend posted it online, but the Duggars weren't trying to keep it private. An artistic picture of the fetus, due in April, was distributed it at the memorial Wednesday. We have not posted it here for obvious reasons.

The Duggar Family Photo

Michelle Duggar, who has given birth 19 times, and suffered severe medical issues with her youngest, Josie-Brooklyn (now 2), announced the miscarriage last week.

Because it was during the second trimester, the little girl's body was partially formed, and therefore had to be delivered, allowing the family to take photos afterward.

Alongside the image of the fetus, the Duggar family wrote the following message: "There is no foot too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world."

Say what you will about them, the family marches to the beat of their own drum.

What do you think of the Duggars' way of honoring their unborn baby?


I love the show and I love the way they raise their children...We need more people on this earth to have morals like they do. Shame on any of you for writing anything negative about them.


It is very sad the baby was lost, but very selfish on the part of the Duggars to try and bring another child into this world. She has problems with the last birth, that child has suffered from their selfishness, not to mention Michelle's age, or the carbon footprint her entire family is leaving on this earth, guess they don't know our planet is overpopulated. Human beings are not meant to have 19 children, much less 20....they need to seriously consider if there will be a world for their great great great grand children, and if they even care, think about the footprint they are leaving because of their selfishness...it is just not right, Duggars, God wants you to take care of the planet...


The Duggars have real jobs, they have a reatly company were they buy and sell houses, property and land. I enjoy watching their TV show when I can. God bless them.


Unless you have been through a stillbirth yourself or had it happen in your family you have absolutely NO idea what it's like. To clarify a miscarriage and a still birth are two different things. Do research before you comment or write an article.


in gods prision gift i will remember yor loss and may the lord give you another chace in life togive another one in his name jesus i love you


in gods prision gift i ill remember yor loss and may the lord give you another chace in life togive another one in his name jesus i love you


To Rachelle we are not here to judge for one and who said anything about Amy Dugger this is a time for Michelle and her husband to grieve including there children how they chosse to do so his their business if u don't like how they live their lives then don't twitter or follow them on TV. and the grudge with Amy sounds more personal. we are not God and all have to answer for everything that we do and say. so grow up. by the way iam a minister and not in their religion. Dwan, wayland, ny


People seem to forget life begins at conception, and every life is precious, in the eyes of God. I admire the way they are as a family, and how they worship and honor God. If more families were like their's, there would be less problems in this world. As it is the break down of the family, and not doing it Gods way, is why the world is the way it is. My condolences to the Duggars, and may God Bless each and everyone of them.


So why do the Duggars have to post this information all over every website, magazine, newspaper, and television. Do they think the loss of this baby is going to increase their TV ratings. Afterall, the press was immediately called as soon as she lost the baby. I lost several babies to miscarriages and was unable to have any human children at all. They have enough kids. Get over it. Life goes on. My God, those people need to wake up, get real jobs and leave the media alone.


Michelle didn't post the pictures, someone else did. However I think they are beautiful. She was their baby so why not take some photos to remember her. She was not a fetus either, she was a baby with 10 fingers and 10 toes. Women who have abortions at this same gestation should see these pics and they might realize they're killing a baby, a real life human being not a glob of tissue. As for the Duggars, I am so sorry for their loss and they need to ignore the stupidity of other. This is America that we live in, not China and they can have as many babies as God sees fit to give them. And no I don't have a lot of kids, two was enough for me, but the last time I looked we live in a FREE country.

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