Duggar Family Tweets Pic of Miscarried Fetus

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The Duggar Family, grieving from the loss of what would've been their 20th child, not only named the miscarried baby (a girl, Jubilee), they held a memorial service for her and took photos of the corpse, one of which made it onto Twitter.

It's unclear which family member or friend posted it online, but the Duggars weren't trying to keep it private. An artistic picture of the fetus, due in April, was distributed it at the memorial Wednesday. We have not posted it here for obvious reasons.

The Duggar Family Photo

Michelle Duggar, who has given birth 19 times, and suffered severe medical issues with her youngest, Josie-Brooklyn (now 2), announced the miscarriage last week.

Because it was during the second trimester, the little girl's body was partially formed, and therefore had to be delivered, allowing the family to take photos afterward.

Alongside the image of the fetus, the Duggar family wrote the following message: "There is no foot too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world."

Say what you will about them, the family marches to the beat of their own drum.

What do you think of the Duggars' way of honoring their unborn baby?


I can't believe how disgusting and irresponsible this attitude is. Popping out kids like rabbits. Just think if all their kids and their kids and their kids each had 20. Do the math... Let's just burn this planet out ehhh. And they support themselves, how...with a tv show ? That tv show no doubt excites others to do the same. And to the person talking about how green they are..Just the CO2 from all these peoople breathing is a hazard. As a scientist I see clearly there is no hope, Kind of like yeast in a beer, soon everything is gone.

@ a concerned citizen

It is a shame that one of the first responses to this story is from a callous "scientist" who needs to come out into the world from his lab and experience life and living. Your comment was not only offensive to the Duggars, but to other large families, and to couples who have lost a child. Your attitude is disgusting and irresponsible.

@ another concerned citizen

I couldn't agree more. On a planet that has 7 billion people already, why overpopulate it more?! Modern medicine has developed birth control for a reason. Humans aren't meant to have 20+ children. That's why they had so many problems with the last girl, and why they lost this one. It's sad, no doubt, to lose a child, but it's sad to pop out 20 of them too.


I'm so sorry about all of your losses but you
all are such an amazing family we are great to have wonderful loving people you all are may god be with you all and you all take care love you all Thanks And Love Bobbie Thurman from Lexington Oklahoma.


I am very sorry for the Duggar familys loss. But it is not our Place nor none of business to comment on how they are dealing with THEIR loss. N if ppl werent meant to have 19 or 20 children, then God would not have made it possible. N who cares how many children they have? They take care of every single one of them n do not receive any government assistance nor do they have any debt! More than most American families can say! They do much more with their 19 children than most ppl do wit 2 or 3!


To all the people saying "look at their footprint" almost everything they do,use, and own are all greener ways. They were asked once on a show if they ever considered the huge carbon foot print they leave and they explained everything they do to keep the planet green. They do alot to make sure they dont leave a big one. They also support themselves and do not use any government help. I agree with their life style, good morals and great teachings, but I do not agree with the decision of having another child after the last one already had terrible health problems they knew there was a huge chance of this baby suffering like joise did or even dying and thats what happened. That was just stupid on their part!


Lipinski - "I love the show and I love the way they raise their children...We need more people on this earth to have morals like they do. Shame on any of you for writing anything negative about them." I agree with you. Their way of life costs no one else absolutely anything; they pay for their own at all times, so it's none of our business. You want someone to worry about. Go diss welfare mothers and fathers.


i just want to tell the dugger family how sorry i am for the loss of your little baby. i watch your show everytime i get the chance to. i see the love that u have for family values. u are in my prayers and i know GOD has great plans for u all. just keep holding on to the LORD and he will guide u through. love to u all.




Sending love and prayers to each of you. For some reason Our Lord needed little Jubilee back. You will all be together someday with The Father, and she will always be proud of the example you all set for the rest of us. Take care and continue growing.


If my husband & I had 19 cats I think They would call us horders.


Everyone always has so much to say about everyone else. i would like to hear what these people have to say about them selfs? Whos to say Amys sleeping with whom. I guess u must be the third person in there room. Do u just watch or take part. For u to say someone one is committing such an act. U must be doing one or the other or just someone with too much time on there hands and like to start rummors. Which is it. My heart goes out to the Duggar Familey, All of U The loss of a child is nothing anyone can speak of or about unless u have ACTULLY been threw it. Ur a familey with will and determination and will all get threw this and go on to live a life of peace and happiness. God bless, and to all Merry Christmas. and oh by the way if I ever have the pleasure to meet U the Duggars and if any of u r having a bad day and just aint as nice as everyone thinks u should be. Ill for give u in advance for being human.

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