Duggar Family Continues to Mourn Baby Jubilee

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It's been a hard month for Michelle Duggar. Not only did she suffer a miscarriage with her 20th child, she is also in the position of having to comfort her younger kids.

Fortunately, she's been able to receive comfort from her offspring, as well.

Michelle says Jackson, 7, asked about baby sister Jubilee Shalom. She soothed him and explained the loss of the child that the family never got to know.

She likely left out the part about them Tweeting a pic of the miscarried fetus.

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"I told him there is going to be a day when we're going to be together again," she says. "As the days go on, I know we will have time to talk through all this. I have been trying to hold my composure and do what I needed to do, and then be able to grieve."

It's not just the young ones who need solace. Jill, 20, who's studying to be a midwife and had been charting the baby's growth and heartbeat, is devastated.

"She was crying and weeping last night," Michelle said at the memorial service for Jubilee. "I hugged her and said, 'I am holding on, and I am going to let the tears go. We can pray, cry and grieve together in the weeks and days we walk through this.'"

But Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar lean on their children, too.

"My older girls have been precious to make Momma take care of Momma right now, and Jim Bob has been busy taking care of everything," she says.

Despite their loss, the family plans to celebrate all their December birthdays: Josie (2), Jordyn (3), Jinger (18) and twins Jedidiah and Jeremiah (13).

Should they try for a 20th baby again?


Before you expound on what wonderful parents the Duggar are, you should know more about their parenting skills. When a child is between 6/9 months of age it is passed on to a sibling "buddy" to be the caretaker; also they are taught to behave by a method called "blanket training".Why do they procreate so many? Look up Quiverfull/Bill Gothard. They have a 200 yr plan to breed an army for Christ to overthrow the goverment..(it's no yoke!) Michelle has been warned against the dangers of future childbirth.This was merely a way to plug anti abortion,and..THEY called the media..the son posted pics on his Instagram site. This post is waaay tooo long;but 'my point is that you should know some info before you spout about what wonderful parents these people are. NOONE who is truly devestated by the death of a "peanut" calls the media and gives the location of the funeral,and passes out propaganda! Sorry for the length,just had to vent.


I think the duggars are a wonderful family and they take care of their family. they can have as many children as they can. my aunt had 24 so hey!the only one who's counting is the public. the picture of the little child they lost was taken in good taste and is a wonderful keepsake, it was beautiful. the news made it seem so discusting, it wasn't. I know they'll pull togeather and get through this. Alot of family's should take so guidance from this wonderful family. love and god bless them. sherry power .. newfoundland ,canada




I dont agree the Duggers need to chance another miss- carriage,but I voted its a free Country, I nor any of you are paying their bills or med. bills in directly are we? I say leave the family alone and let God tell them what they need to do, and pray for them.


Sorry for double commenting, was an accident.


I know the Duggards have a reality show, but I wish the press would back off for awhile. I know it goes with being on tv, but they need some space to comfort and heal their family. @Mrs. P....do you mean Amy? I should have thought of that. It was said it was on the program they gave out at the service. Tastefully. Anyone could have twittered it. Does anyone know if it was the family's intent to post it outside the memorium?


I know the Duggards have a reality show, but I wish the press would back off for awhile. I know it goes with being on tv, but they need some space to comfort and heal their family. @Mrs. P....do you mean Amy? I should have thought of that.


@Riley...I believe you mean defamation, not deformation of character, you imbecile


@Mrs P are you retarded. If their niece posted it without their permission the duggar family can sue her for deformation of character. So do the math!!!!


They did not tweet the pictures. They do not have a Twitter account. Their niece tweeted the pictures *without their knowledge or permission*. Mrs P


Duggar Family Quotes

And so be available, and not just available, but be joyfully available for him. Smile and be willing to say, 'Yes, sweetie I am here for you,' NO MATTER WHAT, even though you may be exhausted and big and pregnant and you may not feel like he feels. 'I'm still here for you and I'm going to meet that need because I know it's a need for you.' - Michelle

Anyone can fix him lunch, but only one person can meet that physical need of love that he has, and you always need to be available when he calls. - Michelle Duggar on saying yes (yes, and more yes) to sex