Drew Ryniewicz: X Factor Performance of the Week?

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This is sort of becoming Drew Ryniewicz's thing.

Two weeks after slowing down a U2 classic, the 14-year old X Factor finalist did the same for Michael Jackson's iconic "Billie Jean." She never even stood up from her seat on a chair, earning praise from Paula Abdul that it was her "best vocal performance" to date.

Do you agree? Watch Drew sing a version of this track similar to one put on by David Cook during his winning American Idol season. Not bad company to be compared to, is it? Ryniewicz has a series shot at joining Cook as a reality show champion...


When contestants think they know more than the judges and talk back, it has NOTHING to do with their voice but attitude. America demands respect. American Idol should have taught them the valuable lessons of disrespecting those in authority. I'm not surprised Drew and Astro is GONE and if little Rachael is not careful she is NEXT. It was Simon's fault or anyone else who justifies and condones such actions, regardless of how they sound. I always KNOW that those kind will NEVER win. Check out American Idol. The back talkers ALWAYS lose or go home sooner or later.
It's OK to be able to express yourself but it is called wisdom and respect something the parents are NOT teaching in the homes ANYMORE and why our world has turned out to be as it is today.


I knew that she would be going home, Drew sing boring stuff and im already depress. Why would i want hear her sing about depressive music?


Definately the worst. David Cook is awesome. And Drew is NOT. It's like comparing apples to oranges!


Definitely the best

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