Drew Ryniewicz to Deranged X Factor Fans: Calm Down!

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Drew Ryniewicz is only 14 years old, but she's clearly a lot more mature than a handful of her fans.

In response to this singer's elimination from The X Factor last week, a few supporters took to Facebook and didn't merely blame Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger for Drew's ousting... they directed vicious death threats at the panelists.

Now, Ryniewicz has spoken out against these misguided souls, telling TMZ "that's not what I represent and that's not what I want my fans to represent," concluding simply: "No one deserves death threats."

Preach on, Drew! The X Factor continues on Wednesday night with the remaining five contestants singing two songs each.

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Nicole and Paula might not deserve death threats but they definitely need all these trash talks towards them..they should be judging in a dance competition..


Drew wasn't all that, so her fan's need to get over it. Im glad that they voted her off and im sure somebody will buy her borning music.


People please she sucked get over it


Drew was the only unique and original singer in the whole competition. The others are all just loud copycats of other loud singers. In the sing off between Drew and Marcus, Marcus was off key at least four times. I agree that Simon should have picked better songs for Drew but she didn't deserve to go home last week. When all is said and done, let's see which artist sells the most albums.


You'll be all right, kid. With the proper direction, who knows, the star is the limit.


astro needed to go, but not you, drew. your songs did sound similar and were too slow and kinda boring, but we all liked you. we wish you would have taken a few risks and sang something different. don't worry, simon will look after you. put out a good christmas song on itunes, stat!


Youdidnt deserve to be voted off or astro