Drew Ryniewicz to Deranged X Factor Fans: Calm Down!

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Drew Ryniewicz is only 14 years old, but she's clearly a lot more mature than a handful of her fans.

In response to this singer's elimination from The X Factor last week, a few supporters took to Facebook and didn't merely blame Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger for Drew's ousting... they directed vicious death threats at the panelists.

Now, Ryniewicz has spoken out against these misguided souls, telling TMZ "that's not what I represent and that's not what I want my fans to represent," concluding simply: "No one deserves death threats."

Preach on, Drew! The X Factor continues on Wednesday night with the remaining five contestants singing two songs each.

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love drew. My entire family sings her songs all day throughout the house. its hilarious. We've stopped watching the show since she left. Paula and Nicole were completely unfair. It was an attack against Simon. And nicole is trying to eliminate the competition. She doesn't fear anyone but simon's girls.


Drew should have been Pepsi Girl! Paula saving Marcus when he'd already been judge saved before not only seemed to be trivial infighting aimed at Simon, but also let Rachel Crow go the following week whom many feel was also better than Marcus. I like them all but Drew has a unique voice that I would pay to see. I do not put Rachel Crow in as high esteem, but also wish she was still in as well. I was waiting for the judges to say they all messed up the week before and bring Drew back into the competition. They should allow one audience save. Repeat that if you agree. The audience deserves a save. Let the audience bring back one top ten singer. I liked paula abdul until she did this. Now I wish she'd retire before the shows finale. Our house has stopped watching it now.


ned and michelle I disagree with everything you said.


Drew was a real singer. She was unique and stuck to her genre. Marcus was just a performer. I was sad when Drew went home because I did not see that was coming and if you compared those two MJ songs that they sang, everyone knows Drew's was one of the best. So far, Marcus' been in the bottom two three times. I don't think he'll be there that long either. I don't hate him though. I just think the judges are being unfair and Nicole obviously doesn't want anyone from Simon's team to win. Rachael was another victim, too.


I just am not feeling it Nicole and Paula. Seems as though they never really FELT or APPRECIATED Drew's talent. I was incensed at their dismisal of her. For not standing up Nicole. Offing her from the show -for not standing up> Nicole and Paula leave me cold. And they left Drew out in the cold - far too soon. Enough of that. Either X Factor gets back to a voter based show - and leaves the judges out of the HATE AGENDA or I am outta there in regard to continuing to watch.


PS: I love Drew!


I find it so funny that people get all high and mighty talking crap about Drew and then they spell a simple word wrong (*boring). It makes them sound real sophisticated.


Drew's version of Billy Jean was one of the most beautiful sounds I have ever heard! She did not deserve to leave so soon and she is mature beyond her years... I look forward to hearing her on the radio with Billy Jean as her first hit single!!!!


I wouldn't mind if Paula or Nicole died in a plane crash, but I don't want anyone to really murder them. Maybe slap em up a bit, but not murder. I think they deserve to be fired. I was so pissed off you could not believe it. Drew was top 2 or three. I loved her judges house song as well as her U2 song.


@iamraja we all love the way drew sings but facts comes down to the person who brought it out and the roof down!!! So hating on the judges isn't right because they were trained and paid for the RIGHT judging!!!!!