Drew Ryniewicz Speaks on X Factor Ousting, Receives Encouragement from Justin Bieber

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Drew Ryniewicz is no longer a contestant on The X Factor. She was surprisingly eliminated last night, following Tuesday's seated cover of "Billie Jean."

But there is a bright side for the 14-year old singer: her musical hero, Justin Bieber, gave Drew a shout-out soon after the results show came to an end.

"@drewryniewicz keep your head up," Justin wrote. "I lost my first competition too. this is just the beginning for u. never say never. best wishes."

On a conference call with reporters this morning, meanwhile, Ryniewicz said she's come to more peace with her elimination than her mentor, Simon Cowell.

“He feels guilty," Drew said. "I don’t think he should feel guilty at all because I got to the top 7. Not everybody can win this show, and he has two girls left representing him.”

Still, the young crooner admits to wishing she could have showed viewers “that side of me that is a teenager who dances around — the fun side. I’m definitely going to do that with my album.”

Overall, Drew refers to The X Factor as "the greatest experience of my life," adding:

"And everyone’s going to be going home, whether they’re the winner or someone else, in the next few weeks. So for me to have made it this far is an honor. For me to be on the first X Factor [in the] U.S.A. and, you know, just to be able to say that I’ve worked with Simon Cowell, and I’m best friends with Melanie and Rachel Crow."

It's certainly not a bad position to be in. We wish Drew all the best.


I actually thought her performance this week was one of her best yet. It's too bad people didn't vote for her. The judges were right to send her home because Marcus Canty did a much better job with his save me song, but Drew should never have been put in that position in the first place. Rachel Crow and Young Homie had the worst two performances on Wednesday.


So glad no more yodelling. All those slow songs were such a sleepiest. Maybe a lullaby album would be a good idea for her.


I expected witchness from Nicole, but not from Paula. I have just lost my respect for Paula. Drew you should not have been eliminated last night. But it shows the wicked world that is. Believe!


paula isnt a judge she is a mistake and simon should not let her come back next year


voting drew off was stupid the judges should be shot for this


I would like to comment on Simons mistake and it was not the Drew song , she sang it beautifully . Simons mistake goes back way farther and that was letting , over self medicated Paula be a judge . Paula knew that Drew won the singoff and was an overall better singer , but her urge to hurt Simon over over powered her sain oppinion . Her acts were the first to go and we all have heard misery loves company . Shame on you Paula you made a young girl feel terrible so that you could feel better .


It's too bad she got voted out, would have liked to see her attempt an uptempo song next week. Simon really acrewed up with her. The mentors should not pick the songs or switch them up on these kids at the last minute like what Simon did to Rachel.

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