Drew Ryniewicz Speaks on X Factor Ousting, Receives Encouragement from Justin Bieber

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Drew Ryniewicz is no longer a contestant on The X Factor. She was surprisingly eliminated last night, following Tuesday's seated cover of "Billie Jean."

But there is a bright side for the 14-year old singer: her musical hero, Justin Bieber, gave Drew a shout-out soon after the results show came to an end.

"@drewryniewicz keep your head up," Justin wrote. "I lost my first competition too. this is just the beginning for u. never say never. best wishes."

On a conference call with reporters this morning, meanwhile, Ryniewicz said she's come to more peace with her elimination than her mentor, Simon Cowell.

“He feels guilty," Drew said. "I don’t think he should feel guilty at all because I got to the top 7. Not everybody can win this show, and he has two girls left representing him.”

Still, the young crooner admits to wishing she could have showed viewers “that side of me that is a teenager who dances around — the fun side. I’m definitely going to do that with my album.”

Overall, Drew refers to The X Factor as "the greatest experience of my life," adding:

"And everyone’s going to be going home, whether they’re the winner or someone else, in the next few weeks. So for me to have made it this far is an honor. For me to be on the first X Factor [in the] U.S.A. and, you know, just to be able to say that I’ve worked with Simon Cowell, and I’m best friends with Melanie and Rachel Crow."

It's certainly not a bad position to be in. We wish Drew all the best.



Maryanne gaeta

This kid Drew was a nice kid, but i wasn't a fan......She literally put me to sleep listening to her sing.....I'm glad she's gone....Absolute no Talent, and needs to wake up.....


Shannon get a life. LA Reid has worked with Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, he signed TLC, Pink and Avril Lavigne. Know your history before you speak. The man is well respected and is well versed in many genres of music. Drew has a great voice but is not a PERFORMER. She needs to work on that and her mentor, Simon was playing it safe and it backfired. Had she done something uptempo earlier in the competition, people would've appreciated her amazing rendition of Billie Jean. However, it just sounded like more of the same to viewers.


Voting off Drew this way was incredibly hurtful and unnecessary. Every other contestant in the bottom two has had a chance to redeem themselves. Not giving her the chance was just so MEAN. All for not doing something different. These judges have too much power over the fate of the contestants for them to be so partial in their descisions. It's not right!


i hope simon picks better judges for next season. i was sooo upset when drew was picked off by those vultures! l.a. dweeb only cares about rap/hiphop/r&b & has an over-inflated sence of self worth. look at the ppl he works with! they are all also a bunch of self centered narcissists- he doesnt care about REAL talent. paula has never once said anything constructive & neither has nicole- they are a bunch of air-headed bimbos who had it out for simon cuz they were jealous of him. SIMON- please get some people who know what they are talking about next season ok- that way only the most deserving raw-talented contestants will make it to the top.


Drew was terrible. She had no stage presence...can she move and sing at the same time? She also sang in the same boring style every week. Take an upbeat song and slow it down. Same ole, same ole. Guess you have to do that when you have no range - she tanked on her low notes and struggled with her high notes. Bye bye - Nicole and Paula made the right choice.


You are an amazing young woman already. Your talent surpasses the two female judges who cast you out as revenge to Simon. So sad for them because I don't see a future on the X factor for Nicole and possibly not Paula.(How many times does Simon have to save her career.!!!!) I have sang all my life and never had the desire to go famous because my true passion was medicine and helping others. I have learned today sometimes my music is just as healing!! You are a musical healer. Your voice is so relaxing and I completely enjoyed watching your performances. May God carry you where your heart desires and may you always touch someone's heart with your song.


Drew was my favorite from the begining. Her song choices were great. Simon you did a great job for her. I am deeply surprised by Paula, I thought she would save her , when Paula left idol I couldn't wait for her and Simon to be togeather again.I don't know what is happening. I think letting Drew go was a big mistake .I really don't think Nicole is the person to have in that position and I think L.A. is for his people only, I think he is jealous of Simon because he never has anything good to say about his people always negative. I say go Drew and shame on Paula.


Drew, you were the only contestant that could have a fighting chance against Josh & Melanie.. I just can't believe how Paula did not show much emotion when she tossed out Drew.... WHATS UP WITH THAT!!


Drew, you are so unique and have a one of a kind voice. I will buy your CD's b/c I have not heard another voice that can sing like you! Any time I hear your voice... I know who YOU are... you don't sound like someone else! This is just the beginning for you. I was shocked, as well as anyone I know to even see you in the bottom 3. I think the judges were very unfair and have some of their own issues to deal with. It's still partly my fault for not voting as I should have. Simon's 3 girls are my top 3!

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