Drew Ryniewicz Speaks on X Factor Ousting, Receives Encouragement from Justin Bieber

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Drew Ryniewicz is no longer a contestant on The X Factor. She was surprisingly eliminated last night, following Tuesday's seated cover of "Billie Jean."

But there is a bright side for the 14-year old singer: her musical hero, Justin Bieber, gave Drew a shout-out soon after the results show came to an end.

"@drewryniewicz keep your head up," Justin wrote. "I lost my first competition too. this is just the beginning for u. never say never. best wishes."

On a conference call with reporters this morning, meanwhile, Ryniewicz said she's come to more peace with her elimination than her mentor, Simon Cowell.

“He feels guilty," Drew said. "I don’t think he should feel guilty at all because I got to the top 7. Not everybody can win this show, and he has two girls left representing him.”

Still, the young crooner admits to wishing she could have showed viewers “that side of me that is a teenager who dances around — the fun side. I’m definitely going to do that with my album.”

Overall, Drew refers to The X Factor as "the greatest experience of my life," adding:

"And everyone’s going to be going home, whether they’re the winner or someone else, in the next few weeks. So for me to have made it this far is an honor. For me to be on the first X Factor [in the] U.S.A. and, you know, just to be able to say that I’ve worked with Simon Cowell, and I’m best friends with Melanie and Rachel Crow."

It's certainly not a bad position to be in. We wish Drew all the best.

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Yes Drews music was getting old, but she still is a better singer than Marcus. And I really liked Marcus as a person, he really should have gone home. Actually we all know Chris should have gone home. I think people feel sorry for him and want to help him, but that's not right either...he can't sing. Likeable...but not a good singer. Drew should of stayed. She is gone because Paula and Nicole were getting back at Simon! Paula and Nicole are both B-----Ruining a girls career for What.. Vengence> Although I love Josh, to me Drew really was the X-Factor. She's talented and unique! Too bad the judges screwed her out it. I think Simon and Randy Jackson should partner up and put American Idol and XFactor togther and be the only judges.


I love Drew. Her voice has a beautiful tone and I love the fact that she is a follower of Jesus. I wish her the best as she persues her love of music!


Drew... You were the only person on x factor who I would buy music from... Your uniqueness and talent is out of this world. I am so very sad you are gone, you were the main reason I watched this show. Don't change just because people like Paula and Nicole think you should do something else. Stay true to your art... You are a true artist and will one day be a huge star.... Soar to the stars angel!


I want to buy your album!! Keep going!! You have such a unique voice. Much luck!


Dear Drew! You are an amazing artist and human being! When you sang "Skyscraper," and shared the story of your best friend's encouragement, it was profoundly moving. Not only does having a "bestie" mean as much to me, I have worked with highrise photography for many years...and the power of the skyscraper..especially after 9/11. The song and your story were perfectly one..you are a superior artist...the meaning and the quality of your music are astounding--you are very sweet and beautiful on t.v. as well.I am old enough to be your granny, but you moved me; you taught me; and Simon's work with you was completely on target--all around. You are a major WINNER! Thank you for sharing your talents with the millions of us watching! From Concord, California. Sue L.


sad ..she was my favorite ......


Drew was the only contestant that brought any unique talent to the show. You do not hear voices like hers everday. She had wonderful control, a fabulous tone and a special style with her instrument. It's puzzling to me that people cannot recognize that. Paula and Nicole's lights are on but no one is home. LA doesn't like anything but Rap music. What is his problem. He does not seem too well rounded either. I guess my votes will now go to Josh who is truly very talented and Rachael,who is adorable,talented and spunky. Melanie is good, but boring and predictable. The other contestants are not good at all and are more candidates for America's got talent.


you have a great attitude, drew. that will get you far. stay positive. work hard and make a great cd. don't rush your cd; make it good like susan boyle's. simon will do right by you. the surprise of you leaving the show reminded me of daughtry's elimination, and look how successful he has become?! you have a bright future, little girl. :)


I was frustrated with X-factor last night... Drew was a refreshing change from all the hip hop /rap crap that seems to drive the industry now. Makes me wonder where the judges heads are at- this show has gotten too political and they are playing games with signers emotions and lives- all for ratings... I'm disgusted and am banning the show from here on out! We all should ban it and let it go down like the sinking ship that it is.


wrong decision..........need not say more