Drew Ryniewicz Speaks on X Factor Ousting, Receives Encouragement from Justin Bieber

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Drew Ryniewicz is no longer a contestant on The X Factor. She was surprisingly eliminated last night, following Tuesday's seated cover of "Billie Jean."

But there is a bright side for the 14-year old singer: her musical hero, Justin Bieber, gave Drew a shout-out soon after the results show came to an end.

"@drewryniewicz keep your head up," Justin wrote. "I lost my first competition too. this is just the beginning for u. never say never. best wishes."

On a conference call with reporters this morning, meanwhile, Ryniewicz said she's come to more peace with her elimination than her mentor, Simon Cowell.

“He feels guilty," Drew said. "I don’t think he should feel guilty at all because I got to the top 7. Not everybody can win this show, and he has two girls left representing him.”

Still, the young crooner admits to wishing she could have showed viewers “that side of me that is a teenager who dances around — the fun side. I’m definitely going to do that with my album.”

Overall, Drew refers to The X Factor as "the greatest experience of my life," adding:

"And everyone’s going to be going home, whether they’re the winner or someone else, in the next few weeks. So for me to have made it this far is an honor. For me to be on the first X Factor [in the] U.S.A. and, you know, just to be able to say that I’ve worked with Simon Cowell, and I’m best friends with Melanie and Rachel Crow."

It's certainly not a bad position to be in. We wish Drew all the best.

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Drew you are sooooo current!! I am WAITING to buy your songs. DONT STOP NOW!
I too am finished with x-factor for the rest of this season. Besides Josh, there is nothing more worth watching. Drew was the best by far.
Too bad.


i agree with linda. i think this show is extremely racist. most of the singers chosen as finalists are black, and nicole, paula, and la keep knocking off the only remaining white ones. no way drew was worse than marcus. that kid may cater to an r&b crowd, but no one else. drew would appeal to a much larger audience. this show is quickly becoming a complete train wreck. time for simon to make some serious changes, like allowing the american public to determine who stays and who goes!


I agree with all of the Drew fans. She has the only unique voice of all the contestants. Josh will win the thing now that Drew is gone. The rest of the contestants are a dime a dozen. They sound like any other singer, just loud copycats. As far as the hip hop rapers, I don't even consider that music. I can't understand how they kept Marcus and let Drew go. He was certainly not as talented as Drew. Can't wait to buy you first album Drew.


Drew, you were great throughout the competition. You did get emotional and did not sing your best in the save me song. You will be very successful and make millions of dollars singing. Enjoy your future. As for the show, I suppose I will watch to see if Josh or Melanie is the winner. With you gone, they are the only 2 who can still win.


Drew sweet beautiful Drew,Honey you are THE X IN X FACTOR!!!!Paula,and Nichole you both should be totally ashamed of yourselve's.You both voted Drew off just to get back at Simon.Drew you have an amazing,and heavenly voice.Honey keep singing,and NEVER LOSE SIGHT OF YOUR DREAMS.You have the voicw,and talent to make it to the top.You make an album,and I will be the first to buy it. Good Luck Drew.PAULA and NICOLE SHAME ON YOU BOTH!!! YOU ARE BOTH ANTI-SIMON BULLIES.


Drew has a very unique voice, at her age to sound like that is amazing. We haven't heard the last of her, And then there is Astro he'll be popular with the pinheads and their giant bass speakers in their cars. Talk about someone that sounds the same, he couldn't sing a note if his life depended on it. I do not think rap should be included in a singing contest, perhaps a who can talk the fastest contest but not singing. Josh and Melanie are both amazing I think we'll see them as the final two


I'm honored and proud to see that fellow fans of Drew are so intelligent and articulate. I was shocked that she has gone home before MOST of the contestants, let alone Marcus. He's a sweet person and all, but Drew has significantly more talent. I think I was as pissed as Simon when Paula and Nicole voted against Drew. At any rate, the girl is handling it with class and maturity beyond her years, and is now free to go make her first album. Anyone wanna wager a bet as to how many more copies she sells over Marcus?


I think Drew should have gone home a long time ago. Her performances were nothing like the first audition that I loved so much. I am very disappointed that she compromised her talent by performing nothing but garbage after her first audition.


Do you hope that Nicole and Paula read everything on the internet about them? Paula said in her interview that she is a dancer, choreographer and she could have done better with Drew. Someone should have asked her is that why all your dancers left so quickly? I mean seriously. I also would like to be very catty and say this - Paula needs to let the hem out of her dresses because i'm tired of almost seeing her crotch every week. How old is she anyway? Anyway - we all know Marcus will go next week - he will get the lowest number of votes. L.A. said that being in the bottom 2 for two weeks the public will rally around him and he could even win. Um excuse me?


Drew you are the only unique person on the show. You are the x factor. All the others although I like them sound like someone else that's already famous. Too bad!!! Thanks alot to the real losers Paula and Nicole. Can we please vote them off! And shame on you too LA you know Drew should have stayed.