Drew Ryniewicz Fans Threaten Lives of Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger

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Drew Ryniewicz was eliminated from The X Factor on Thursday night, a result that left Simon Cowell clearly angry at his fellow panelists for voting off one of his charges.

But Simon's wrath is nothing compared to the words left for Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger by fans of Ryniewicz on Facebook.

Among the passionate, frightening, misguided messages posted by Drew supporters over the last few days:

  • "F**K you paula you dumb c**t you voted off the most talented person on your f**king show. i hope you die you DUMB B***H."
  • "I hope you die, you selfish----------"
  • "@NicoleScherzy @paulaabdul go die"

These folks would be well-served to heed the words of Drew herself in this interview: she made it all the way to the final seven. That's pretty darn impressive, and she has many bright years ahead of her. Chill, people.


@hate justin bieber your soo fucking desperate what your boyfriend doesn't give you anything?? That's cheap. Go ahead and destroy jb but sending out your email address to the world is low!!


ohh quit fucking crying, just because they sent her home doesnt make them horrible judges idiots, drew is still gonna get still get a record deal, im actually glad they sent her home. I dont like her voice at all, its too shaky.


Paula, the queen of over dramatizing her decisions, showed little of her usual torment at ousting Drew. We should all ask why? At the very least, she should have let it go to deadlock. The audience was chanting to keep Drew... A sure indication that the public wanted her saved...that the public would support her..that the American public wants to hear more from her. At other eliminations she cited artists' overall performances as the reason to send home or keep.. 'I must be moved' was a complete copout.. Again, we should ask ourselves, WHY? I think I know the answer... Do you?
Pple.. Plz dont send ignorant death threats. They only trigger sympathy for the threatened. Drew will be just fine. Paula, in my opinion, just lost her credibility.


It's hard for me to watch Nicole & Paula judge people on their vocals. Nicole had 1 hit song by a band that was put together based on their T & A. She didn't write the song either. Paula is a great dancer & choreographer but not a great singer. Drew will do fine, she has pure talent. Nicole didn't save her to be spiteful to Simon. She's a horrible judge & doesn't qualify to judge a competition of this caliber.


This is ridiculous. Sure Paula and Nicole didn't vote for Drew to stay. But it was YOU, America, that did not vote enough that Drew landed in the bottom 3. So really, who is to blame? If you didn't want Drew to leave, then why give the judges a chance to make that decision? Sheesh. She left, no big deal. It's just a reality show. She's still young and a pretty good singer. She'll survive.


Melanie is awesome! Last week she did such a wonderful job with her thankful song. I am very impressed by her. Astro just seems like a little thug who has never had discipline in his life. He needs to mature a whole lot more before he tries to be in the public eye.


i think that drew had to win because she is so talent i hope that nicole die or i gona kill her, drew is wonderfull she have to win.


OMG! i know im glad astroturd was dumped from the show, but people, even though drew was let go, too, doesnt mean she wont get a record deal, too. i mean, she is only 14 years old...she doesnt need 5 million dollars! if she can get a small following and start her career, she will be around for a long time. lord knows she has more talent that justin bieber, and of course scary ass ass-tro!


This girl is a star. Top 7 is not good enough for someone as talented as drew. she deserved to be in the grand finale!


At first I thought it was her saying that.HAHAHA

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