Drew Ryniewicz Fans Threaten Lives of Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger

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Drew Ryniewicz was eliminated from The X Factor on Thursday night, a result that left Simon Cowell clearly angry at his fellow panelists for voting off one of his charges.

But Simon's wrath is nothing compared to the words left for Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger by fans of Ryniewicz on Facebook.

Among the passionate, frightening, misguided messages posted by Drew supporters over the last few days:

  • "F**K you paula you dumb c**t you voted off the most talented person on your f**king show. i hope you die you DUMB B***H."
  • "I hope you die, you selfish----------"
  • "@NicoleScherzy @paulaabdul go die"

These folks would be well-served to heed the words of Drew herself in this interview: she made it all the way to the final seven. That's pretty darn impressive, and she has many bright years ahead of her. Chill, people.


All of this is sad and stupid because to me most of these singers seam to be professional in my book. I never ever watch this program because of that but to threaten people's lives is so way over the top I don't have the proper words for this site or any other site.


@ all you Drew haters. Go to hell. She is very talented. And I think you recorded a episode of the X factors and watches it repeatedly. Because drew doesn't sing the same song every week. How else would you be hearing the same song every week retards!!!!


This is ridiculous. Drew killed "Billy Jean" and "With or Without You" and didn't do very well.
@Bud: Nicole is perfectly smart, she is bilingual and is a singer and model. You need intelligence to get that high up in society.
@hate justin bieber: I hate Justin too, but please, bring your hatred to somewhere where it's relevant. And "email sex"? That's prostitution, so go away, whore.
Tanks much.
-Calla Tor


Her crazy fans should know that Drew is not all that good of a singer.


I'm glad Drew got voted off. Kind of hard to keep my interest when she does the SAME performace every week. Like LA Reid said, you really can't tell them apart. IMO, she should have been voted off weeks ago, after her butchering U2's "With or Without You." Like Nicole, I also was left frustrated by that hideous performance. Would it have killed Drew to sing something with a more upbeat tempo? After 20 nseconds of her umm--version of MJ's "Billie Jean," I hated it already. That's definitely not a song that should be sung as a sappy torch song. Pat Boone himself would have done a better version (and I wonder how many people out there will understand that reference)! As for the idiots making death threats, what good do they think they will do? I'm with Paula--I wasn't moved by Drew.




@ Bud...Nicole isn't stupid. This woman put herself through college
by herself. She is also a fashion model & singer. Check the definition of stupid before you use it to call her that. By the
way...she's also bilingual.


I didn't know who she was until I read the article. Why are they threatening the judges life for? Only the two women? Not including LA Reed? I am not a fan of Drew...but the judges are there to work & give an opinion. Only thing I can say is that
we really don't know who will win this talent contest. But GOOD
LUCK to all.


The only thing that Nicole has is beauty and no talent to go with it.... too bad to waste all of those good looks with stupidity. GEEEEUS People pick those idiots because they look great. They surely were not picked because of brains. Well that's the American Way.Live with it!


The judges are so biased towards their choices that it's so harmful to the ones who deserve to win. Please change the system to like American Idol and show ME the votes. This will tell who the winners are. Paula does not know asshole about talent. L.A not much better Simon is way toooooo biased

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