Dr. Conrad Murray to Appeal Manslaughter Conviction

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Following the maximum four-year sentence handed down on him this week, Dr. Conrad Murray has filed an appeal to challenge his conviction for manslaughter.

Murray, as you almost know, was implicated in the death of Michael Jackson and was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter this fall after an exhaustive case.

The embattled physician filed the document in pro per, which means he's representing himself instead of using a lawyer. In his trial, he used multiple lawyers.

On the portion of the document where a lawyer will usually state his or her firm's contact info, Murray lists "Men's Central Jail" and includes his booking number.

While he is representing himself in the appeal, Murray is still communicating with one of the lawyers who repped him in the manslaughter trial, Nareg Gourjian.

Gourjian says of his chances, "This case presents a gold mine of issues for any appellate lawyer. Dr. Murray is confident the Court of Appeal will vindicate him."

Mmmyeah. Not so sure there. Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter, not murder, and four years in jail seems fair. Some say it's not long enough.

The prosecution also provided so much evidence linking Jackson's death to Murray's medical misconduct that it's hard to see the jury's verdict being thrown out.

Did Dr. Conrad Murray receive a fair sentence?


This is a miscarriage of justice and legal malpractice. This man has been completely set up .


Sad to say it, but this man has "willed" himself into a permanent state of denial.To his final breath he will continue to believe that he did Not contribute to the death of Michael Jackson. I can easily believe that a person "has the right to an appeal" if the scales of justice did Not rule in their favor, but considering the fact that the medical profession was put on display during the trial, and there were physicians of high regards who testified on the behalf of the deceased,it can only be the inflated ego of Conrad Murray to think that The State of California would want another (lengthy)trial when "the verdict" has already been determined!!


Conrad should have got 20yrs and he is a irresponsible docter.


He should have gotten 10yrs and shut down his practice. He was the house hold Dr. fully responsible for all medication usage, he new michael had a problem, and as a doctor he didnt give nor get him the help michael was truly in need of. Mr. conrad should be treated as a drug dealer, thats what it looks like to me