Did Robert Pattinson Cheat on Kristen Stewart with Nikki Reed?!?

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Take the following news item with a grain of salt the size of Robert Pattinson's fan base...

An unnamed source tells Perez Hilton that Nikki Reed and Kristen Stewart "can't stand each other." The reason? Robert Pattinson cheated on the latter with the former!

  • Kristen Stewart in England
  • Robert Pattinson in Germany
  • Nikki Reed in NYC

"Kristen has never forgiven Nikkie for the fling she had [with Rob]," this insider claims. "Kristen never confronted Rob about the affair, she just put the blame on Nikki and accused her of pursuing him."

After remaining relatively off the celebrity gossip radar for a few months, Robsten has been making ridiculous tabloid news for a couple weeks ago. One second, they're married. The next second, on the verge of a break up. It's just so hard to keep track.

Do you believe this latest rumor?

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I don't believe any of this BS. Rumors are what ruins relationships. I hope Kristen believes him about not cheating on her. If he dated Nikki in the past then that is in the past. Let them live their lives in peace and if they do indeed break up it is nobody's business except their own. But I do have faith that the truth will come out and I hope for the good and that Kristen and Robert stays together. They make such a lovely couple.


It was just a matter of time before the tabloids ran out of Bieber Baby Juice and Kard-Ass-Ian drama before they needed something new to run into the ground. There is one reason I am 100% thankful that I am not part of Hollywoods drama.... nor will I ever be! My life is private and secure.


For the ones who put "who cares" obviously you do if you take the time to comment! ;)


i hope it is true..im a twihard fan but i dont think they need to be together...it started when she was a teenager...hello first time love..get over it and let them go their seperate ways...he pobably just stay with her because of her constant reminder that he was suppose to be with her forever..no offense but weve all heard that as a teenager


i dont believe any of this i know that it isnt true people are just jealous of ttheir relation ship so stop freaking hating on them ok robert pattinson isnt going to like anyy of you girls if your jealous and the same with kristine stewart ok so stop th mother freaking drama my gosh


This is old gossip. please! rumor, trash, and old news not new!


Who cares! It doesn't affect my life any.


I know that before Kristen and Rob were together Nikki was dating him for a little bit and that Kristen is best friends with her so I doubt any of these rumors are true. Just let them live their lives.


Kind of over it!


All you Twilight fans are retarded. There's no way in hell that either of those dudes are straight. Gtfoh

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