Did Robert Pattinson Cheat on Kristen Stewart with Nikki Reed?!?

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Take the following news item with a grain of salt the size of Robert Pattinson's fan base...

An unnamed source tells Perez Hilton that Nikki Reed and Kristen Stewart "can't stand each other." The reason? Robert Pattinson cheated on the latter with the former!

  • Kristen Stewart in England
  • Robert Pattinson in Germany
  • Nikki Reed in NYC

"Kristen has never forgiven Nikkie for the fling she had [with Rob]," this insider claims. "Kristen never confronted Rob about the affair, she just put the blame on Nikki and accused her of pursuing him."

After remaining relatively off the celebrity gossip radar for a few months, Robsten has been making ridiculous tabloid news for a couple weeks ago. One second, they're married. The next second, on the verge of a break up. It's just so hard to keep track.

Do you believe this latest rumor?

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When Rob dated Nikki during the filming of Twilight Kristen was with her then boyfriend Michael so no Rob cldnt have cheated on someone he wasn't with at the time. Peoples lives must be so boring that they sit around and try to think of made up things to write about how truly sad..especially when if they did a little research wld have known Kristen had a boyfriend at the time..duh...


isnt nicki reed married?


you know id really hate to be famous,you cant fart without the whole world knowing or thinking they know about it!


I think its ridiculous to place judgement pn someones relationship based on a rumor. And to all the haters who says they should break up probably aint got a man LOL. Its their business stay out of it!!!


no he did not cheat


YOU TRASHY MOUTHED REPORTERS downing such wonderful people ...Nikki just got married....is happily married....Rob & Kristen are too busy filming & exhausted to stray and are not that type & kind of people...they are both one of the most wanted & loved couples around right,now...far too many would be & do anything to be with them....! Stop the troble making rumors...I depise liars ...and cheap do anything...types for a $ bill & face in the news...Be happy TWILIGHT Stars & twilighter fans! God Bless you!


Um first of al rob and Nikki did dated before Kristen...second nikki Ans Kristen are great friends...Nikki is married like a month or two now to former American idol winner .... and rob and Kristen are happy as they can be they the only one who knows the truth...


True or not it's between them. Tabloids need to stay out of relationships. They just make it worse than it really is. Nobody likes to have other peoples noses all up in their business & exploiting it all over the country.


I think its pretty retarded to try a create drama for a couple. Rob loves Kristen too much to cheat on her. And on top of that Nikki is married and is very much inlove with her man. So can we please move on. We all know Robsten is laughing about this Bs and is probably gettin it in with either each other as we speak. So please! MOVE ON!


Lol I agree, if you all are taking the time to read this and comment you obviously DO care... I love the twilight series and love to read the gossip around it. I find it ridiculous that the media runs out of stories to sell their magazines so they have to stoop to a level of spreading rumors!

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