Did Robert Pattinson Cheat on Kristen Stewart with Nikki Reed?!?

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Take the following news item with a grain of salt the size of Robert Pattinson's fan base...

An unnamed source tells Perez Hilton that Nikki Reed and Kristen Stewart "can't stand each other." The reason? Robert Pattinson cheated on the latter with the former!

Kristen Stewart in England
Robert Pattinson in Germany
Nikki Reed in NYC

"Kristen has never forgiven Nikkie for the fling she had [with Rob]," this insider claims. "Kristen never confronted Rob about the affair, she just put the blame on Nikki and accused her of pursuing him."

After remaining relatively off the celebrity gossip radar for a few months, Robsten has been making ridiculous tabloid news for a couple weeks ago. One second, they're married. The next second, on the verge of a break up. It's just so hard to keep track.

Do you believe this latest rumor?

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if Robert had a relationship with Nikki first then Kristen is the one who should be blamed for this whole thing firstly what kind of a friendship is this between Kristen and Nikki as a code you are not supposed to date a friends man even if it is an ex so Kristen is the one who was envious and jealous because Rob chose Nikki first over her and then she probably caused the breakup so she can have Rob all to herself Kristen is such a bully and one day Rob will see her for exacly what she is.Rob cant even talk to Nikki without Kristen giving them the evil eye,I reall just think this Robstein ting is a publicity stunt for twilight but even if it is not it will fizzle out with the whole twilight saga thank goodness.


Wow old gossip, old news, trash how many times has a tabloid said some one famous person is cheating on another in all reality we've all heard this b4. No doubt some one just didnt know wat to publish and needed new gossip to sell tabloids so stop gossiping bout the couple let whatever happens happen theres nothing we can do about it anyways


Tgat is SO not true I think K. Stewart and R. Pattinson are the ones who should be together whoever this Nicki Reed person needs to stay out of R. Pattinson LIFE!!!!!!!!


NO,i don't.Did nikki reed even invite any of d twilight cast2 her wedding? I think nikki reed doesn't really like kstew


You guyz are so stupid why are you guyz beliving in rumors come on


NO... i don't at all believe this rumor. He did not cheat.


nikki and kristen were best friends and even lived together at one stage!after the filming wrapped for the first twilight movie somewhere along the way they fell out!nikki didn't invite kristen to her wedding..i have always wanted to know what happened between them!


THIS IS SOO RIDICULOUS! its sooo not true! people are soo stupid


LOL! I so get a kick from reading all these comments. Man some of you are so pathethic that even the word loser is too nice a word to describe you fools!


No one knows anything about the lives of Rob and Kristen. Until one of them opens up or Nikki Reid and Kristen's ex open up, all fans are spouting are rumor, innuendoes and fake information and should frankly be ashamed of themselves. Rob and Kristen's private life isn't anyone's business.

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