Did Robert Pattinson Cheat on Kristen Stewart with Nikki Reed?!?

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Take the following news item with a grain of salt the size of Robert Pattinson's fan base...

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    Rob pattinson has sex with every woman that he can find. He does not love kristen, never has because he is in love with himself. He is not this nice sweet guy that he pretends to be..he is a six addicted man. Kirsten is not a lesbian, she never has been! I have read where Nikki reed and Ashley green were both having sex with r.p. when he was. Dating ks. He broke up one actress and her husband that finally got back together. One day this guy will wind up with liver problems and std's.


    Kristen i really want to be your close best friend. But here's an advice just don't talk to Niki at all.
    Because that way what she did to you and rob she will really realize what did later and trying
    to find a way to regret it all.

    @ Ayanda Phoenix Marie

    its kind of hard not to. she's rosalie!


    This Shit is stupid cuz first of all kristen needs to make up her damn mind becuz she breaks up with robert n then she wants to be back with him ok


    Everything that you hear is going to be a rumor until the subject talked about comes out and totally denies or affirms everything, which still may be a lie. The best thing to do with Hollywood drama is take it lightly. Dont believe everything you hear even from the celebrities because sometimes they lie. It's usually all for publicity or money (for the tabloid) or just to arouse interest in a movie, and it works, no matter who it hurts. But it is extremely funny...the comments are hilarious...


    i've heard that Kristen and Rob were interested eachother from the minute they met but they didnt date, because Kristen was too young. it would not been lawful. Best friends tells everything eachother and i think that kristen and nikki did that too. I think that Kristen told to Nikki that she has a crush on Rob and then Nikki goes and seduced him. Rob knew that he have to wait until Kristen is adult, so its not wrong to take Nikki out/coffee/dinner or what ever. But i think that kristen has a good reason to be mad, if best friend acts like that.


    I hope nikki will realize .. How kristen loves rob .. Nikki is so selfish .. She doesnt even think .. on kristen's feelings .. I relly hate (NIKKI REED) ..to those who loves kristen .. Just keep supporting her ..and to those who hate nikki .. And im one of the people who hate nikki .. We'll just keep hating her .. I hope (ROBSTEN) will be together again .. And i hope someday they will be declared as husband and wife ..


    robs really love kristen they are lyk best couple i dn't wan to see separated them


    i hope those things are lie cz i love watching twilight and i dont want thet to mess up their carrer,si i hate nikki reed for what she had done!!!!!!!!!!


    why don't ppl find shit of they own to get in how about hub or your wife


    Please dont believe this hubbub. It's crap. It is entertaining though, I must admit. Rob did not cheat on Kristen. Nikki never cheated on her now husband. Rob loves kristen dearly. Nikki loves her husband dearly. So please don't believe this nonsense. Yes, Rob may have had a short flirt with nikki before he dated kristen, but who hasn't flirted before? Anyway, each to their own. (for some of the comments here)

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