Demi Lovato Debuts New Tattoo

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Demi Lovato has a message for her fans: "Sometimes you just gotta have a little bit of..." she Tweeted last night, followed by a picture of her latest tattoo:

Demi Lovato Tattoo Pic

The "faith" insignia is just the latest ink donned by this young singer. She also has a feather behind her ear; the words "Stay" and "Strong" on her wrists; and the phrase "You make me beautiful" on her side, along with a cross on her hand.

Last week, Demi stopped by the same treatment center where she resided for a few weeks in 2010. She offered inspiring words and prayers to the troubled women there.

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Demi Lovato you are very cool and you are
Awsame singer


Leav her & everyone else who gets tattoos alone geez!!! everyone is diff & they get tats fo diff reasons or no reason @ all! she is old enough to make her own choices! MUTHA F'N HATERS


She have gone trough so much, and all you guys think about is that she cant get tattooed because she is a Cristian? She have been bullied, been depressed and have had eating disorders. Of course she will have words with encouragement, what else? A fucking skeleton? She is the best role model in a long time because she is honest, and because she became better after treatment. She faced the things she struggled with and overcame her sickness. Shes a fantastic person, because she is strong enough to rise above the bullies and the critics. People who think anything else either haven't heard the whole story, or is very cold hearted. She is beautiful on the outside and the inside. She is everything i want to become.


why dont u all leave her alone so wat if she gotta a tatoo most people do ..... get a life


Fuck christanity.fuck all you bitches that hate on her.Did you have those problems? you have no idea.stop being so jealous and buy a life at a pawn shop bitches.ugh


she's psychologicaly unstable!! inking herself permanently daen't mean her brain is gonna absorb tha meaning NkT!!


Tattooing is STILL being used to cunningly pre-program
for slave think, micro-chipping and, eventually, MASS
genocidal EUGENICS. CHECK OUT'ENDGAME' video, second half, online. ---After watching that will you not only NOT
want one, but you'll have it removed if you have one.


I still don’t like her, Its all for attention. Let me guess next week she's going to come out and say she had an addiction to tattoos overcame it for her fans because she wants to be a good role model. Her music and acting career isn’t going anywhere, what else is left to do expect staying in the media through tabloids to stay relevant. This chick hasn’t gotten a talented bone in her body.


Right now I'm starting to think Demi is becoming a Tattoo addict. She says she's a christian but getting inked aint so religious!!!! I still love her shows and song but thinks she's taking it a wee bit overboard!!! Btw @Marie why is it embarrassing


HAH!! lol aren't you cool Demi lol

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Lovato Many think Demi Lovato is being groomed to be the next huge Disney star. She appeared in the movie Camp Rock, alongside those gorgeous... More »
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I hope to do a collaboration with Kelly Clarkson. [She] has been my idol growing.

Demi Lovato

I'm very uncoordinated. I'm surprised I don't fall onstage more.

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