Courtney Stodden: My Life Rules!

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Hate on her all you want, haters. Courtney Stodden doesn't care.

This future sex tape star says in a new interview with VH1's The Fab Life that her life is "wonderful." Largely thanks to whipped, elderly husband Doug Hutchison.

Courtney Stodden Fashion

"He picks up my coffee beans that I spill not he floor. He picks up my foundation," says Stodden. "He picks up my feathers from my big robe that I wear."

And how does Courtney repair such a loyal man? How do you think?

"I get up out of bed in the sexiest outfit you've ever seen," she says.

Watch this video interview below and do your best to keep your lunch down. Warning: it won't be easy.

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Does anyone else think this is hilarious? Like I know she's an idiot but I laughed like 4 times during this interview. She's clearly vapid and utterly lacking even the remotest sign of intelligence. Besides, her reasons for why she and Doug "connect" are ridiculous. You play Maroon 5 and "I Love Lucies" for him? How is that even a relationship? It's obvious that she's just a gold digger and is attention and fame starved and is using him. Every time they talk about their "true love" it's utter bullshit.


She could do such outfit and makeup when she become 20. Teenage is short, adult life is way longer. Why she wastes flawless teen skin and OUTFIT that only teen looks best in it. So tanning and choking layers of makeup making her skin dry and flabby, she doesn't even look a juicy fruit. No shine. Bet she tastes like dried up crispy fish. Being sexy is NOT act like a whore and sleep with multiple men. Can't she act like a smart sexy secretary without showing "final weapon" like pu55y. Pathetic. Doug is divorced TWICE, marry a failed man like him is risky too. I don't think she even love him. She justify herself by filling her vanity by looking at that sugar daddy. Not true love.


"And how does Courtney repay such a loyal man? How do you think? 'I up out of bed in the sexiest outfit you've ever seen', Courtney says." Am I the only one who felt a little sick for a second after reading that part? She's 17 and he's 51.

Jaan black

sure, looking at a 51 yr old's saggy nuts is the key to an awesome life...please ladies, teach your daughters something so they don't end up like haggard bytch


Pure Piggery. Can you say gonorrsyphalhepitaids?


WOW, so basically she is not in school, and clearly drunk. 17 years old and taking about everything except education, prom, college, what she plans on contributing to society except her cooch walls when she gets her contract with VIVID video for 30 on 1. I guess its a win win situation from both of them.


Who is this mental midget? Why is she famous? She looks as though she hasn't a brain in her head. Is she the one with the pushy mother who is obsessed with her daughter? The mother who's pretty much a Kris Kardashian wannabe? That is so sad and it makes me wish to throw up now. And word to Jill Taylor's comment about all the typos in this "story"! It's a mess and virtually unreadable. Good job, THG ( or should I call the so-called editors THC? That's a bit more like it.


she sounds retarded like she making all tht up as she went lol AIRHEAD was right


She seems like an airhead with a really nice rack. Fake rack of course.


She looks so old, she is little more than a child but looks like she is almost middle aged. What happened?


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