Chris Brown and Rihanna: The (Possible) Secret Love Tweets!

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Chris Brown. Rihanna.

Fairly or not, these two music stars will be forever linked by a hot romance that ended in a highly publicized 2009 assault that Chris later pleaded guilty to.

In the nearly three years since, regardless of what the public thinks, the two are on good terms - or at least neutral terms - and putting it behind them.

Both have nothing but supportive words, seeking to downplay the incident and move on. But has the tumultuous relationship now struck up again?

Chris and Rihanna

Yesterday, Breezy posted, "Love U more than u know!"

Two minutes later, Ri said, "I'll always love you #1love."

Coincidence? Maybe, but two minutes later?

Rihanna has defended why she even follows Brown on Twitter and has shared that she's still a "fan" of his and "excited" for his comeback, which we can see.

But it makes you wonder. Are they rekindling a romance or are they just unrelated? If they were directed at someone else, why not Tweet at them? So odd.

Then there's this:

Earlier, Brown's mom tweeted, "HELLO LADY I MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU!!!!! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!!" Rihanna tweeted shortly after, "Miss+Love u 2"

Weigh in with your comments and theories below.

Chris Tweet @ Rihanna
Rihanna Tweet @ Chris

I think that Rihanna is BEYOND CRAZY if she's even thinking about getting back together with Chris Brown. Once an abuser, always an abuser!!! Also, physically abusing a woman is BEYOND DISGUSTING!!! Back in 2009, one of my ex-boyfriends made the mistake of hitting me. I emotionally repaired the pain that he caused me by NEVER seeing him again. If Rihanna does go back to Chris, I have a feeling that he'll end up physically hurting her all over again. Maybe even WORSER than that. On a more pleasant (and final) note, I wanna wish everyone associated with THE HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP a wonderful and prosperous HAPPY NEW YEAR/2012!!!!! Take care everyone.


If he hits you he doesn't like you.


I believe every relationship, has its ups and downs and only the people who are involved know what they want and don't want. its their afair not the media nor the public's. let them make their own mistakes their own choices. they are only human and no one is perfect. Love is a powerful emotion and they share a bond together,Who are we to judge. I certainly will not judge, either one of them. I hope they make a great! go of their relationship. Good-Luck, Chris and Rihanna, go and make beautiful Music for us.


if they are in love let them be but they should be careful so that another fight will not occur.


This is called setting a bad example. Young girls are looking at a beautiful talented singer doing what?
Having such low self esteem that she goes back to a guy who doesn't respect her and will abuse her.
As beautiful as Rhianna is she could have a guy who would be kind to her. Instead she's tweet pals
with a loser who can't control his temper. And it's none of our business, except that they both use this drama to promote their careers.


I wont feel bad for her if she gets knocked out again. hopefully she took some boxing lessons or something lol. only idiots go back~


I don't understand why they would be in a relationship. I mean, lots of people say love you to their friends.


he is a woman beating piece of crap and I don't get why people like or follow such a loser. He will end up doing something stupid again and if she is back with him well hope she ends up dead from it because she is to stupid and can't find a good man


If she can forgive him, than that's not our say. If they are in love, then good. Mistakes DO happen. I love 'em both and I hope they can make whatever they have work :)


Why don't people mind their own business, it's their lives, not yours/ours.

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