Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra: Save the Date!

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Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra of Teen Mom fame are getting married! The smitten step siblings will walk down the aisle July 15 ... 2013.

The fan favorite couple finally set their wedding date and confirmed it on Twitter after delaying the nuptials in order to focus on high school graduation.

Already seeking wedding planning advice from her followers, Cate Lowell is planning the perfect ceremony, held on the couple's nine-year anniversary.

The first got engaged in August 2010.

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"Me and Tyler really want to do it in California. Tyler really wants a cliff [overlooking water and he] wants all these flowers everywhere," she told Us.

As for a possible dress, Lowell favors the mermaid style. "Those dresses are gorgeous. The ones that are slim fit are what I've been thinking," she adds.

No word yet on if the couple's two-year-old daughter, Carly, whom they gave up for adoption shortly after her birth, will be in attendance.

In any case, here's wishing them all the best between now and then, and here's hoping they don't get evicted from any more apartments.


I wish the best for catelynn and tyler. They are so cute and Tyler is so good to catelynn. They are going to make such good parents.


I have nothing but respect for Catelynn and Tyler. Good luck for the future. You two are amazing.


Uhmmmmm , tyler :/ , is so fcukn cute :D ... i dont know , just sayin


They are not actually related, so why would Tyler feel guilty and stay with Catelynn out of a sense of duty or guilt, rather than out of love? All these two kids have had, it's eachother and they've proven that you can choose your destiny. He's too mature to marry her for the wrong reasons, in any case.


I think Catelynn and Tyler make a good couple.I CAN ALSO SAY ... I commend you guys for doing what you knew you needed to do. I myself am or was a teen mom.I thought about it and also abortion,but in the end i chose to keep her...she is now 19 years old and doing very well.We have ups and downs as mother and daughter but we love each other.She is a really good kid.There's no way to be more proud!But i also had mom. She's a great lady.I wish you two and all the teen moms all my best.And just know that things do improve.You just have to help it along.


Yay yay yay yay,
(: i am so happy that they are!
They are one of the cutest couples ever.


Tyler is trying to hang on in there but I don't believe that he is in love with Catelynn; they made a mistake, they are step brother and sister they were ashamed at what they did and they gave their baby up for adoption. Tyler feels the blame and he feels sorry for all that he has put Catelynn through, but their is no love there. I commend Tyler for being there emotionally for Catelynn because it is difficult to carry a child for nine months and then give it away. Tyler you are definately your mothers son; you have a conscience and some strong convictions about people you deal with.


catelynn and tylor u are my faviorate on team mom good
luck in life and wish u
and tylor the best.


Anybody that can give their child up to have a better future deserves a special place in Heaven. That is thee most selfless act of love that anybody can imagine and I hope that they are and will be truly blessed.
Good luck on the marriage and good luck in life!


They are the most level headed of the lot IMO. I think they're so cute and very mature about their decisions. Best Wishes to them.

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