Brooke Mueller Insists On Innocence

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According to police records, Brooke Mueller punched a woman in the face last Friday night and then was found with between four to five grams of cocaine in her purse.

But a rep for Charlie Sheen's former wife tells TMZ this is much hullabaloo over nothing, as Mueller's attorney is currently in Aspen with the "goal of having all charges dropped once the facts of the case come to light."

The Former Mrs. Charlie Sheen

While those facts, according to this rep, do not include possession of cocaine, Brooke's friends are still insisting she enter another rehab program. But one thing is for certain: she's not handing over her twin sons to Sheen or to her parents.

"There will be no changes in the custody arrangement," this source says.

Mueller is due back in court on December 19. She is also under probation in California, but - depending on what is uncovered and decreed over the next few weeks - this arrest is unlikely to affect that situation.



Sooo Sheen is an amazing fhtear because he teaches the kids to play baseball and bought them a house with tennis courts, with lights and everything ? She sounds like a moron. Poor kids.Not that I have anything against baseball (or tennis, for that matter). I'm a huge baseball fan. My husband is an amazing fhtear not because he teaches the kids to play baseball (which he does), but because he is kind, reads to them, gets them ready for school, listens to them, loves them, is available to them, and generally stays away from drugs, hookers, and the like


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Piece of crap.....another drug addicted "MOTHER"!!!!! How can you give birth to a child and then choose to do drugs????? I'm sure she's really good at taking care of her kids!


Here is another person claiming innocense. She can't even tell if
it's day or night due to her cocaine use. She is lower than Charlie
at least he admit what kind of guy he really is. You look like a
coke head & it's harder & harder to cover it up.


its a damn shame how $$ rules the world. If she was a regular person, & with all the legal trouble her & CS has had, we'd be locked up & we wud've lost custody a lllooonnnggg time ago... Seriously!! So thats bullshit


She'll fit right in at State Prison. They're all innocent too!


She always has those crazy eyes going on. Freaky.

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