Brooke Mueller Arrested in Colorado for Drug Possession, Assault

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Brooke Mueller is in trouble again with the law. Big trouble.

Charlie Sheen's ex-wife - and the mother of his twin sons - was arrested last night in Aspen, TMZ reports. Law enforcement officials say Mueller was booked on suspicious of felony cocaine possession, along with third degree assault.

New Brooke Mueller Mug Shot

Not many details are known at the moment, but Mueller was released from Pitkin County Jail early this morning on $11,000 bond.

Brooke has been involved in numerous drug-related incidents over the years, but the last few months have seen her grow close again to Sheen, while - seemingly - staying sober. Updates to come on this story...


She's a tool - when will she learn? A year in in-patient therapy and supervised visitation should be in order. I am surprised to say this: Charlie should have the twins... I raise two children on my own - no support - what gives Brooke the right to be an ass?? Addict or not - get HELP!


I know she's an addict. She DID go to get help I thought. I just have to wonder how she can look at her children and not feel shame for what she's doing to them. Maybe she does. It's just sad.


Receiving at least $55,000.00 a month to care for her children is Not included in the reasons for the ex Mrs. Sheen to keep her Nose clean. In the reality of the everyday world, women all over the world learn to adapt on minimal income and a lot of time without assess to a multi-millionaire ex husband and still keep themselves out of drugs and possession court. I continue to admire women who appreciate what they have in their children without the slightest hint of having so much that throwing it all away is a constant joke for them to live by. It appears that the financial security that Brooke has is more of a curse than a blessing according to her irresponsible behavior!!

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