Brooke Mueller Arrested in Colorado for Drug Possession, Assault

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Brooke Mueller is in trouble again with the law. Big trouble.

Charlie Sheen's ex-wife - and the mother of his twin sons - was arrested last night in Aspen, TMZ reports. Law enforcement officials say Mueller was booked on suspicious of felony cocaine possession, along with third degree assault.

New Brooke Mueller Mug Shot

Not many details are known at the moment, but Mueller was released from Pitkin County Jail early this morning on $11,000 bond.

Brooke has been involved in numerous drug-related incidents over the years, but the last few months have seen her grow close again to Sheen, while - seemingly - staying sober. Updates to come on this story...

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Why is there so many calebs running around on bail? If these people were regular Joe shmoes they would still be in jail. Their kids would already be in the system. I'm tired of these idiots gettin a break because of who they are. Take her kids away and find a sober and loving home for them. The same goes for all the Hollywood idiots that can't seem to raise a proper family, you always always put your children first and foremost! It's called being a parent.


I find it humorous that Charlie Sheen is pictured as the "bad parent" and "bad person" in everything. Charlie's main problem is that he picks terrible excuses of women for wives..... Brooke and Denise. Denise cheated on Charlie with her best friend's husband and YET, she managed to portray herself as the victim. unreal.
Also, Charlie has a grown daughter so obviously he is not a bad father......


I hope rehab isn't expensive, because it doesn't seem like most people get their money's worth... Sad that she's a white hot mess... Those kids have 2 crazy ass, addicted, self-absorbed parents... Who's taking care of them??? That's who people should really be concerned with... So sad.


Hope the judge is tough on her! I feel so bad for her children! They deserve better than this unfit, drug addicted disaster.


I have known this chick for years! She has always been trouble. Dating a well know mobster at years ago, snorting anything she could put up her nose. Her mom and step dad used to pay her $10,000 a month when she was in her 20's just to keep her out of their life and shipped her out of Florida. When she would burn through that $$$ she would make money as a high priced hooker! She used to let her little dogs crap all over her condo and could barely take care of herself. What made her think she could raise two kids? Her boys are nothing more than a meal ticket to her. She deserves to lose her boys and child support! Maybe if she didn't get $55,000 a month she would stop blowing it up her nose and on dumb shit. What an idiot!


Hi Brooke needs your sympathy not condemination drug abuse is an illiness like any other , she is desperately looking for a cure lets support her in her search for cure than condeme her for what she is going through i will pray for her every day till a break through is found ,good luck.


watch VIDEO! on youtube !


Charlie Sheen Ex-wife Brooke Mueller Arrested in Aspen Photo and Mugshot Picture:


She will probably get out of it; if Charlie played his cards right he help set her up for failure so that he could eventually get custody of the children and can cease and desist with all that alimony and child support. So now we all know when they had that massive fight in Aspen a few years ago; Brooke probably was fighting Charlie Sheen like she was a man; and it turned really ugly both of them are probably mean drunks that like a good fight when their high. Neither one of them deserve these precious children, they have obvious mental health issues that can't be resolved in a court room---these people need psychological help.


those poor kids don't stand a chance with two crackheads as parents in twenty years we will be reading about those sheen kids in rehab or jail.... Somebody in that family needs to stepup and take drastic measures to take those kids away from those crack monsters