Brooke Mueller Arrested in Colorado for Drug Possession, Assault

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Brooke Mueller is in trouble again with the law. Big trouble.

Charlie Sheen's ex-wife - and the mother of his twin sons - was arrested last night in Aspen, TMZ reports. Law enforcement officials say Mueller was booked on suspicious of felony cocaine possession, along with third degree assault.

New Brooke Mueller Mug Shot

Not many details are known at the moment, but Mueller was released from Pitkin County Jail early this morning on $11,000 bond.

Brooke has been involved in numerous drug-related incidents over the years, but the last few months have seen her grow close again to Sheen, while - seemingly - staying sober. Updates to come on this story...


Hopefully these two will fight their adicitdons with the same passion that they fight with each other! Best of luck to both of them and for the sake of their children I really do hope and pray they can be successful in their recovery. The kids are safe and are being taken care of so they just need to worry about themselves and getting better.


Im really not sure who is worse an addict, or us after all for those of us puting our 2cents in about a woman we dont really know anything about we just read bs gossip columns and believe everything we read and see on tv, in the media etc, I wonder how perfect you guys would be if I ran criminal background checks on everyone on here.
Stop worrying about her, geting off easy none of us get away with anything because if we do, our bodies and or souls pay for it later so if you think we are geting away with judgeing this woman, and sell our souls to satan because the bible says judge not lest you be judged so i guess if we keep it up we will just meet each other in hell I believe in jesus, but I also believe in hell fire and brimstone which is a fate I dont wish on any of us, but which we are all destinned for if we keep critisizing everyone else instead of checking our own flaws and worrying about our own lifes.


She looks like a drug dealer


The AMA has recognized addiction as a certifiable disease since the 1940s. It is an illness, not a character flaw, So how 'bout nobody throw stones and judge this woman, OK? Doing so won't do anybody any good, least of all her. She justdesperately needs help.


Why are we having to read about this woman. She isn't a star or anyone better than the thousands of drug addicts that we don't hear about. Enough already...


Your readers have said it all; they all agree and are all right. Very sad, but as always money talks, if you've got it, the law's on your side, if you don't....yup jail! What a sick justice system.

Marie honsinger

she will get out of it just like all the other stars,money talks BS walks, any other non celebrity would be in jail forever, all of us americans know this and it really makes us angry, everyone should be treated the same as far as the justice system is concerned, lohan is a perfect example she gets away with everything, drugs etc, she could be a pusher, not saying she is, but she could be sending the wrong idea to our youth who tend to want to be like these celebrities, everytime they try to make her an example she gets away with it.Always the same excuse "jail overcrowding" drugs are a serious issue.


I really really pray for her and her children, she needs to get help...She is in the grips of a major addiction. Coke is so bad and drives you insane. Please god for the mercy of those children who have been dealt such a bad hand in life w/both parents, let something good come out of this. Even if she has to go to jail a few years to straighten up. Please let something happen to her where she can get off the street and maybe re evaluate her life and those beautiful boys lives.

Ms billie

Brooke Mueller is a dope head and nothing more. At least Charlie is trying to get his life together. She gets way to much child support for those kids and doesn't take care of them. She uses the money to support her habits without any worries of being a mother. She needs to be locked up in rehab until she has truly gotten off drugs regardless of how long it takes. At least Charlie is taking responsibly for his actions as well as taking care of his kids. It's sad that nothing ever happens to people like her and they keep having babies. There's many people out there that don't do drugs and are good people wanting kids that can't have them. These are the people that would make great parents and never get the chance to be one.


Not so sure why this woman doesn't get the hint: STAY AWAY FROM COLORADO. It's no good for you Brooke! This is truly sad. I saw her on TV during Charlie's roast on the Comedy channel and she looked like a party waiting to happen. I just don't get it. She's a mother of two children living like a street person. I know that when your rise to fame you leave your past behind never forgetting your roots and where you came from but she have given it an entirely new meaning. She's beyond rehab. She'll just go through the motions and do it again and again until it kills her. I'd like to hear Dr. Drew's thoughts on this woman.

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