Britney Spears: ENGAGED to Jason Trawick!

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Looks like it's official: Jason Trawick is engaged to Britney Spears!

We reported earlier that his proposal was planned for tonight, but the superstar posted a message on Twitter, hinting that he popped the question, and she said yes!

Britney just wrote the following: "OMG. Last night Jason surprised me with the one gift I've been waiting for. Can't wait to show you! SO SO SO excited!!!! Xxo."

Trawick planned to get down on one knee during their trip to Las Vegas to this weekend, presumably asking tonight. But according to reports, he couldn't wait!

Britney Spears, Fiance Picture

Sources close to the couple say Jason Trawick has organized a big celebratory dinner this evening at the Chocolate Lounge at the Sugar Factory in the Paris Hotel.

There will be a chocolate fondue and all the men will get chocolate truffle cigars - Britney Spears is a HUGE fan of chocolate, in case you didn't know/guess.

After dinner, it's off to party at club Chateau. Everyone involved has received specific instructions from Jason, too: Anything Britney wants, Britney gets.

We expect her to formally break the news tonight or tomorrow morning, but we've been following this story for weeks now, and it looks 99.9% certain.

It'd be pretty lame if she were just referring to a Chanel bag or something, right?

Britney Engagement Tweet

UPDATE: Make that 100% confirmed ... sources confirm that the engagement took place Thursday night, when Britney and Jason shared an intimate dinner together in honor of Trawick's 40th birthday. She just turned 30 December 2. Celebrations all around!

UPDATE #2: Jason went about it the old fashioned way, asking her father, Jamie Spears, for his blessing. It's no surprise that he got it, since, as her former agent, he was close to the family long before he and Britney began dating. Still, very sweet.

Congratulations, Britney and Jason, from all of us at THG!


great news so happy for you britt.he is quite a catch,a
DR.I think.He will be a great provider.Whose house will you
live in.
Not many like him.Good luck.


This is great news. I felt so bad after all Britney went through with her last marriage. It's so great to see her involved with and now engaged to a more mature guy. They really look great together. I wish you both all the best! Nothing but blessings and continued happiness in the future!


Many congrats to Brittany and Jasonn with everything she han her life happiness. she has 2 beautiful little boys and now she has someone who has always loved her and will always love her. CONTATS BRITTANY AND JASON!!!


Congratulations and best of luck with your marriage, Britney. You deserve to be happy after all this. :)
-Calla Tor


Why on planet earth would you WANT to share such an intimate moment on Twitter? With all the paparazzi crap she has to go through on a daily basis wouldn't she WANT to keep SOMETHING private? What a "Screw Bar" !!!!


Yay! I love you Britney, you deserve all the best.



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