Billy McKnight to Mindy McCready: You're Pushing Your Luck!

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Country singer Mindy McCready is "pushing her luck" by not following a judge's order to return her 5-year-old son to the care of her mother in Florida, her ex says.

Billy McKnight, the father of Zander, spoke out after McCready said she would not bring her son back from Tennessee, despite violating a custody arrangement.

McCready took the boy during a recent visit at her father's Florida home, and a judge signed an order Thursday ordering authorities to take the boy into custody.

A missing persons report was filed, and while McCready spoke with police to confirm she is not missing, it's not yet clear whether she could face criminal charges.

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"I'm doing all this to protect Zander, not stay out of trouble," McCready told the AP. "I don't think I should be in trouble for protecting my son in the first place."

McCready says she is in Tennessee and cannot travel because she's also pregnant with twins - and seven months along, making it impossible for her to return.

The judge's order means law enforcement anywhere can pick up the boy and bring him back to Florida. Billy McKnight told Today that he spoke with Zander.

"He did sound healthy. He wasn't crying or scared," he said. "I think she believes she has a case and doesn't realize that she's pushing her luck on this one."

McCready and her mother have had a long custody battle over the boy. The boy was living with McCready's mother, who was awarded guardianship in 2007.

The troubled singer, who has her own issues, says her son has suffered abuse at her mother's house; her mother, Gayle Inge, denies the abuse allegations.

"As soon as the child is located, we will bring him back to Florida," said Terri Durdaller, a spokeswoman for the Florida Department of Children and Families.

"Although these circumstances are unfortunate for a young child, his safety and well-being are our number one priority," she continued.

Lee County Judge James Seals ruling to return the boy stated: "Mom has violated the court's order and we are simply restoring the child back into our custody."

"Nothing more. Nothing less. The court makes no judgment about whether Mom will or will not competently care for the child while in her custody."

"It only wants the child back where the court placed him."


This is all too sad. These two little boys are the real victims in all this. My heart hurts for them. Sometimes I feel like people need a license to have babies. When there is disfunction in a family, it is the children who suffer. I hope they don't get bounced around from one family to another. Those little guys need stability in their lives.


Well you won for now. We'll see how you do in the REAL court in the world to come, where everything is revealed. I guess this "caring" mother will get the baby too, and when they grow up and tell how horrible she was, maybe people will listen.


Happy now McKnight? Mission accomplished?

@ Bmck

He will be happy when he has his son . Thank God she didn't have her children with her , can you imagine ? She shot her dog for God's sake , she surely would've shot the children . And all you ignorant people thought she deserved her children , I can't even imagine . Find your scapegoat elsewhere and leave Billy alone !


Without a doubt this grandmother has been has been after that kid...she has totally destroyed Mindys life. She been telling lies about Mindy for years. She has set up the tabloids to paint her a train wreck because that way she could get the kid. She is in a cult church and thinks she is the ultimate wonderful,person. HA!!!


Seems to me, grandma just wanted a child. It'll surprise me if she doesn't go after the twins. The grandmother and step grandfather make my blood run cold. Yes, the mom has had some problems, but the fact that she's high profile has not helped. How convenient that grandma took custody while mom was in jail. Makes me wonder what kind of abuse Mindy received when she lived in the home.....


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