Beyonce Gives Birth to Tiana-May Carter ... According to Twitter

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Rumors about Beyonce giving birth are currently blowing up Twitter, but have yet to be confirmed by the singer, husband Jay-Z, or any reputable source for that matter.

So ... there you are.

The (very possibly made-up) consensus seems to be that Beyonce welcomed a girl into the world this week, and that the little bundle of joy is named Tiana-May Carter.

Twitter makes up cute names at least.

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The rumors we've read online - again, these are just rumors from social media, not even celebrity gossip sources - say she was taken to St. Luke's Hospital in New York City, and overnight, word spread that she had delivered a daughter.

Multiple outlets have picked up the story, but all cited the growing buzz on Twitter as the source and nothing more. She's due in February, so it's probably baseless chatter at this point, but also not impossible for her to give birth early.

Twitter also made Jon Bon Jovi dead recently. At least this is a nicer rumor.

Either way, the final countdown, which began after Beyonce's pregnancy reveal at the MTV VMAs, to the birth of the most famous celebrity babies in years is either over, or close to being over. We'll keep you posted as we learn more!



is she even really pregnant? Or does she have a surrogate? She hasnt showed off her belly like other celebs & she tends to show off her body alot. She doesnt look pregnant to me.


@alonaolivia.... Thank you for clearing up the time thing. I was worried for them. She may have had a c-section. There was buzz of "reserving" part of the hospital.


there is video with beyonce saying that it was september 23, and that she was 6months im wondering please correct me if im wrong but the baby should be due NOW... FEBUARY is dec is 9 months january is getting to the induce stages of a pregnancy... i love beyonce shes verrrry talented and if you dont like the babys name f off... go talk to Angelina and brad about there wacky names for kids, Madonna, tom cruse they all get baby names off the back of a cereal box the same way holly berry got her drivers license...


maybe if they only let ADULTS comment on these posts there wouldnt be so many JUVENILE remarks regarding the baby's name!


Well for starters if it is true that she had the baby I say ppl need to grow up... Saying the name is stupid I think the ppl whom make stupid comments like I just read are stupid... Her child name being May!! So what it could have a personal meaning behind it... Stop making something out of nothing... The girl earlier said the names in hollywierd are fake... Ur stuck in the dark ages... Do u research instead of gossiping because all of the info is right there for u ro research... Put a lil time into educating yourselves vs. Bashing ppl... Lol... While we all sitting here bashing these people they still are wealthy... So get your paper and stop hating... So not a good look


That is too funny. I agree with the May, really? If she was really due in February the baby would have serious complications. I hope this is false.


Tiana-May CARTER? Are you kidding me? WTH is that his last name? I agree with "Gizmo2" Middle name May, and hyphenated...really? But then again what is a Beyonce or a Jay-Z. We never know ANYONE in Hollywierd's given name. Yes it may be better than Apple but at least Banana would go along with the "B" in Beyonce's name. Just hope this is an awful rumor.....The "beautiful people" really screwed the pooch if that is really that child's name!


prayer from "tee" to tiana "may" carter oh lord once again u made it happen. giving the two most beautiful pple something wished by many may she be a blessing within the world. ok! am about to cry now.


I like the name. It's their choice and soooooo much better than some of the other star's names out there. Apple.


Lol ppl need to quit makin shit up on twitter

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