Beyonce Gives Birth to Tiana-May Carter ... According to Twitter

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Rumors about Beyonce giving birth are currently blowing up Twitter, but have yet to be confirmed by the singer, husband Jay-Z, or any reputable source for that matter.

So ... there you are.

The (very possibly made-up) consensus seems to be that Beyonce welcomed a girl into the world this week, and that the little bundle of joy is named Tiana-May Carter.

Twitter makes up cute names at least.

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The rumors we've read online - again, these are just rumors from social media, not even celebrity gossip sources - say she was taken to St. Luke's Hospital in New York City, and overnight, word spread that she had delivered a daughter.

Multiple outlets have picked up the story, but all cited the growing buzz on Twitter as the source and nothing more. She's due in February, so it's probably baseless chatter at this point, but also not impossible for her to give birth early.

Twitter also made Jon Bon Jovi dead recently. At least this is a nicer rumor.

Either way, the final countdown, which began after Beyonce's pregnancy reveal at the MTV VMAs, to the birth of the most famous celebrity babies in years is either over, or close to being over. We'll keep you posted as we learn more!



I dnt thnk there's a big problem about the name "MAY" we all dnt knw the main reason y Mr & Mrs Carter named their daughter that sweet name. So yal gna talk but it aint gonna change nothing!!! Altho wish Babby_May was born the 1st January 2012... So that she would she the birthday with me...
But @list she's a capricorn *big smile*


67fuon3, the baby wouldnt have serious complications if the baby is due early feb, the only thing that wouldnt be great is the immune system although if shes due late feb then there would be more complications, however if she breast feeds then the immune system would be fine anyway... I dont understand the issue with may? Im calling my daughter layla mae and shes due in feb.


@My2Cents-Did I hear you right? Did you say that Obama made Mistakes-Yet they were really made by Bush? Wow! Hopes does a person do that? Maybe I do Rob a Bank and then Blame it on Someone else! If that's how mistakes go!


I don't understand how "may" is a bad name ? Millions of people have that name, u should shut up cause u sound stupid ! People these days need to grow up.


To: Alonaolivia...
I agree with you 100% Obama haters spend so much time discussing his mistakes which were really committed by George Bush. It is absolutely amazing how dense these people are. Bill Clinton left the country in good stead, but ole G.W. came right along and destroyed the economy. They had better pray that another democrat gets into office again. Otherwise, with the Republican idiots on the current ballot, we are likely to end up living in a theocracy. That means, if you have little financial status, social class, etc, you are going to be in the "servant" class. Remember, regardless of whether you think the skin color of the president renders him incapable of running the country...he is the best thing that has come along and kept us out of the lurch that G.W. put us in. Get beyond your foolishness people!!! Our problems far outweigh your foolish racists attitudes. Join hands with one another and let us work and pray to get back to the top where we belong.


We just thought it was Fucked Up! Then came Obama.


why are we taliking about obama?....why didn't people say that about bush before he fucked everything up beyond repair for the next president


OBAMA has got to go in 2012!


I think its a lovely name not so daft like some other celebs and people who dont like it dont worry its not your kid so dont worry bout it


@67fuon3 i guess we will no soon enough.. if this is a lie its very upsetting altho i understand why celebrities do not going to stress over it not my baby, body or millions im just a fan of her music so ill stick to scrutinizing the second she drops a wack album ill be sure to talk my A.. off lol

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