Astro Raps, Rewrites a Michael Jackson Classic on The X Factor

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Astro made a Michael Jackson track very much his own on The X Factor last night.

The young rapper changed up the lyrics to "Black or White," a bold move that earned praise from the panel, as LA Reid told Astro he likely made the Jackson family "proud," while Simon Cowell gushed over how the finalist made the song younger and added a great new hook.

Watch for yourself:

Other impressive performances on the night included:


kid can rhyme but worth listening to no way i love rap n hip hop but i change the channel when he starts up it all sounds the same there's nothing x factor about him hes a cookie cutter rap mold nothing amazing keep singing for ur family parties let them make u think ur great


OMG that is such crap. He is horrible. Gosh he should just stick to anger management classes!!!!!!!

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