Anastasia Vitkina: Hot and Heavy with Jim Carrey!

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The mystery woman has been identified.

According to New York Post sources, the blonde on Jim Carrey's arm over the last few weeks is named Anastasia Vitkina. She's a Russian student in New York and insiders confirm she and the 49-year old actor are quite "hot and heavy" these days.

Jim Carrey and Anastasia Vitkina

Vitkina is reportedly the ex-girlfriend of one of Carrey's pals and the two were spotted at a Guns N’ Roses gig in Los Angeles this month. She's the first woman Carrey has seriously dated since he and Jenny McCarthy ended their five-year relationship.

We're just glad he's over his creepy crush on Emma Stone.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]

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you better RUN girl, He is INSANE..


Funny, there wasn't this big of a deal made when Madonna came out as dating boys that are almost high school age!


she's not hot!... i think she's just a shock absorber or a patch in a hole for Jim


All I see is $$$ with Jim Carrey. She is not that hot. I see she's dating him because maybe he paying her tution fees. Or must be great in the bedroom. Jim Carrey can do better than that to be honest. At Jim, I always followed you since you made it big in the movies! Honestly, proceed with caution... I don't want to see a newsletter like Kobe and Vanessa. She waited 10 years so she can get 50% of Kobe's earnings.


Jim Carrey is doing exactly what every man wants to do, find a sexy youthful girl & enjoy her company :) Barbara no man wants an old woman with EXes, builtup STDs & dark souls. A woman has to settle for a man when she is still young or live quietly single & let nice men find their peace in nice younger women. I personally avoid women my age because they are more likely to be unreliable because if they were any good they will not be single! Plus obviously 19years old girls are much more attractive


I think Criss Angel (44 years old) and his girl Sandra (21 years old) look like a father and daughter relationship. I think if Sandra didn't look like a 15 year old kid it wouldn't be so bad. I think it is a mistake and he will be filing papers within two years of marriage.


i'm russian first too,but jim wants to finish like mel gibson,yes he will,what can you expect from russian woman in US,they are all students on the side but real hard working girls in strip clubs,massage places,etc..just bad expirience had too.all russian girls out of russia is russian .....


Barbara maybe someone will have you sometime, but I'm sure it whant be for your personality !


Great body , something you don't see many times in america,


I think she looks good, they look good together...she is probably
frightened of the photogs.